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Does Euthanasia Have a Place in a Civilised Society or is it Simply Legalised Murder

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Does Euthanasia Have a Place in a Civilised Society or is it Simply Legalised Murder Euthanasia has been a controversial subject for many years. Since the invention of modern medicine, arguments of moral, ethical and legal issues have been introduced to the topic of euthanasia. The job of the doctors and other professional in medicine is to sustain life for as long as possible, this is their duty. The problem is that the dieing patients want to die happily. Due to euthanasia being illegal in this country, there is added controversy. Determined euthanasia candidates are willing to go to court to and earn the right to die by euthanasia. For example the case of Mrs B in which she is paralysed and fought in the courts to be allowed to withhold treatment and die. ' I do not make this decision lightly or uninformed... ...read more.


The medical equipment in third world countries is not as advanced as ours. So many people tend to die naturally anyway, because there is no such equipment to keep them alive. Which in a sense could be called euthanasia anyway. Despite this, the concept of compulsory euthanasia would be respectively rejected within these societies due to the religion. 'Human life' is a group of doctors who are against the legalisation of euthanasia. They believe, objections from doctors moral grounds could lead to 'Poor job prospects for doctor who aren't willing to kill their patients on request.' This quote exemplifies a valid point against euthanasia. Which should be taken into consideration within this argument. However patients argue that once you are terminally ill and machines are keeping you alive, then you are already dead. There are some patients that believe using machines is 'an act of cruelty' and that it is 'degrading because technology has taken over from human will'. ...read more.


The moral dilemma is as I outlined before that doctors do not want to be seen as killing someone and patients do not want to be seen as committing suicide. Considering this if the cause of euthanasia was fully understood and respected. Then the individual patient's freedom would be allowed to express it self. If euthanasia were legislated then people who believe in euthanasia would have the choice. Which further enables them to be in control of themselves mentally when they are not physically in control of themselves. For people who are against euthanasia there would be little affect to their life, as they would have the final say as to what happens to their life. Ultimately it should be you not the government who decides whether you want to die by euthanasia. The government should give the choice to dieing patients by legalising euthanasia, but strict safeguards should be put in place. Euthanasia is the simple answer to a civilised society with strict rules. Anam Ali Candidate no.1009 ...read more.

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