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Does God Exist

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Does God Exist Though out this essay I will talk about is they a God, and what theory back its up. They are many of theories suggesting is there a god and how/why. The first one I will concentrate on is Paley's theory. He used a watch as the example and suggested that the world was a clock and if you where walking though the desert and come across a old pocket watch on of the first questions you would ask would be like "where does it come from?" and "who made?". Because a pocket watch has loads of little cogs inside, and if one little cog was out of place it wouldn't work. ...read more.


So if one little thing was taken out a watch just like something on the earth it wouldn't work. In the end the theory above was suggesting God Exists. The Next theory that I will concentrate on is the Big Bang. The Big Bang theory is about an Atom in the middle of space (how ever big that is) that was made up of Matter & Anti-matter, which do not mix. So in the end the Atom explodes and makes the world, But in order to that to happen you need to 1.) have the right amount of Force for the explosion. 2.) The right amount of gravity and distance from the Sun for us to survive on earth. ...read more.


God can stop evil and = Why has god done so? chooses not to stop it Answer: because god does not exist I think this theory is the best and is my favourite because it explains it clearly in a table and the reason I choose it to be my favourite is because of his last comment " God can stop evil in the world but chooses not to stop it = Why has god done so? Answer: because god does not exist. This comment I think is true but other people may say different. To conclude my Essay on "Does God Exist?" the answer in my view is no. Thank you for reading Created By Alex Pickering ?? ?? ?? ?? Alex Pickering Page 1 02/01/2008 ...read more.

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