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Does God Exist?

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Does God Exist? (Essay question) In this essay I will argue for and against God backing up my ideas to form a logical argument on both sides. I will use different points to back-up my ideas. In my judgment, yes, God does exist. God is beyond space, he is possibly a form of light, or could perhaps be a spirit that is supreme. He created us humans for us to worship Him and use him as our roll model. The definition of the word "God" basically explains Him in full detail. God is the creator and ruler of the universe, in Christian, Muslim and Jewish teachings. He is a superhuman, being worshipped, as having power over nature, and all human affairs. He is also greatly benevolent. Some people may ask the question: "Why does god leave us to suffer if he is compassionate?" well, there are several possibilities as to why God lets us suffer, one of the greater possibilities, is that God has put us in this Universe, to see whether we can avoid, and battle off evil, in this case the Devil. ...read more.


We cannot just live and die, and not be judged for our deeds. Man cannot bear to think about a deed not being rewarded or punished. Examples of which are Mans justice system and awards given to lifetime achievers. To argue against "evolution-believers", a test on Lemarck's Theory (that animals evolve features according to how much they utilize them) has been comprehensively disproved by experiments on mice that had their tails cut off for generation following generation still grew tails just as long even though their forefathers made no subsequent use of them. But, there is always another part to this argument; there are some very significant questions in opposition to God and some questions that have not been answered yet. One question, is that if God is truly benevolent, then wouldn't he be heart broken as to see his creations suffer? He would be omnipotent as to wipe out the Devil, and see his creations live a good quality life, without pain or misery, wouldn't he? ...read more.


But then again, there is not enough proof that there is not a God too. A lot of religious people say that you do not need any form of evidence to say that there is, or is not a God; you basically need faith. If you have faith in God, then you know for sure that there is one, and he is on your side, at all times. But, on the other hand, if you do not have any faith in God, then you clearly do not believe in him, and God may not at all times be on your side. We cannot say that we are not here for a cause, as a number of people say that we cannot have another life, "Where would our souls go?" They ask, but that would not be answerable, as I stated before, we do not have enough proof at all to evidently say that there is, or is not a God. But faith is not all you actually need; you need to be able to practice your religion if you have one, and make sure that you are always aware that God is on your side. ...read more.

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