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Does Having A Religious Ceremony Make Any Difference To The Way the Marriage Works Out?

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Does Having A Religious Ceremony Make Any Difference To The Way the Marriage Works Out? There are many customs and superstitions associated with weddings. Some such as the bride wearing something old, something blue.., or not being seen by the groom before the ceremony are known throughout the country and many other parts of the world. Many originate or are modifications of customs that began centuries ago, during times where people were very superstitious. Simple things such as the surnames or choosing the day were very important, when considering how the marriage would turn out. ...read more.


Although most weddings now take place on Saturdays, in the past this too was thought to bring bad luck, as well as Fridays, particularly Friday 13th. The famous old rhyme advises weddings to take place in the first half of the week; "Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, Wednesday the best day of all, Thursday for losses, Friday for crosses, Saturday for no luck at all ". I think superstitions such as those, came around during the time when life was hard, and people's views were ignorant. ...read more.


However I can understand that if you are a religious person having a religious ceremony is a more suitable way to proceed, because you would be getting the blessing of God. But a lot of people marry in a church when they are not particularly religious, just wanting the pomp and glory of having a church wedding. People who are not religious, or have been married before and are unable to marry in a church use a registry office. This is a very quick no nonsense ceremony, which does not include any religious text or blessings and simply marries you in the eyes of the law. Depending on your beliefs, both are as good as one another. ...read more.

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