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Does Hong Kong need anti-race legislation?

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Does Hong Kong need anti-race legislation? Throughout the history of Hong Kong, there had been all types of discrimination taking place. The most notable one is racism. Nevertheless, there is no law to protect victims from offences due to racial discrimination. Thus, there are wide discussions among the society on whether it is necessary to have legislation about it. In my opinion, there is an urgent need to do so. First of all, though Hong Kong has already had laws in effect concerning the prevention of discrimination due to work, gender, disability, and family status, they cannot effectively avoid the occurrence of racism. However hard the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Race Relations Unit try, they could not succeed in uprooting the belief of Hong Kong people for certain minorities, such as the mainland migrants and Pakistani. ...read more.


Otherwise, confidence of the general public in the authority would be lowered significantly. Secondly, there have been all sorts of education given by the Government in demolishing discrimination held by people. The Hong Kong private sector has shown that it is keen to learn how to prevent discrimination, which shows that the Government's policies are being greeted with enthusiasm. However, education alone is not enough as some people do not consider the teaching important. A law could thus acts as a deterrent. In addition, it shows that racism is serious and gives some authority to the education and also to complaints about prejudices. Laws need to be in place so that people can be made accountable for their actions if they discriminate against others. ...read more.


Of course, the purpose of the anti-racism law is not to eradicate racism, because it is entirely impossible to change the mind of over seven million people. The objective of the law is to make it illegal for employers, schools, associations, restaurants, and shops and so on to discriminate against anyone on the basis of ethnicity. Even though Hong Kong is not a society with inherent discrimination, and incidents are isolated, all civilised countries have laws against racial discrimination. As a result, Hong Kong, as a developed region, should follow suit and set up regulations against it so that it can be looked at in the same light, however rare the problem is. To conclude, there is a real need for the Hong Kong Government to have anti-racism legislation. This can protect ...read more.

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