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Does Marriage Have a Place in Today's Society?

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Does Marriage Have a Place in Today's Society? Raymond England 4r2 Today, one of the most controversial subjects in today's society is marriage. Many believe it to be a source of strength, others of weakness. Marriage is also seen as a type of status. In this essay, I am going to prove that marriage still does have a place in twenty-first century life. I am also going to give a small insight into the effects and politics behind the breakdown of a marriage - divorce. Marriage, according to the English dictionary, is a "formal agreement between a man and a woman to live together according to the customs of their religion or society." According to the Christian bible, a marriage should be "Held in honour among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled," meaning that a marriage should be everlasting without any affairs or anything like that. Personally I believe that marriage does still have its place in society because both my parents have married twice and both find their new(ish) marriages a source of strength. ...read more.


A family provides means of mutual support and a wreath of relationships that protect those inside from the stormy weather of the outside world and the British population sees this. The whole prospect of marrying is putting some people off the idea altogether. New legislation is allowing couples to live together without being married and share bank accounts; mortgages etc. and more people are choosing this option because they do not see it as a lasting commitment. According to the Guardian Newspaper, there are approximately two marriages to one divorce. This is an increase of divorces by nearly 75% since the 1950's. Also, the amount of couples that are cohabiting (living together without being married) has also increased. But, overall, the amounts of couples that marry still outweigh the amounts that are cohabiting. Also, cohabiting couples are almost six times as likely to argue and split up compared to those who are married, maybe due to their relationships being less stable, so marrying is the sensible choice if you want a more stable relationship, despite soaring divorce rates. ...read more.


The Catholics don't only believe in these things, they also enforce them as rules. But, the Catholic Church can give an "Annulment" to "cancel" a marriage and this makes a divorce all right. The Jewish religion believes that both parties in a divorce have to get a "Get" before they can be divorced. The Islam faith allows a divorce to happen, but in all cases it is discouraged. Personally, I believe that a divorce should be allowed, no matter what religion/denomination you are and I do not approve of the Roman Catholic Church's stance towards divorce. Marriage still has a large place in twenty first century life, despite the rising amounts of divorce and co-habiting, and I believe that it will remain a part of life for centuries to come. In s essay, I have tried to prove that marriage still does have a place in twenty-first century life and in doing so; I also gave a small insight into the breakdown of a marriage - divorce. ...read more.

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