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Does screen violence influence people?Discuss.

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Does screen violence influence people? Discuss. Screen violence is often violence used to entertain like in the motion pictures or in television programs but it can also be in the news for information purposes. I will mainly be looking at violence in the movies and how it affects young children. Some people think violence on screen is educational while others think that it has a negative effect on people. I will look at the facts then, in the conclusion I will give my own opinion on the subject People think that screen violence is educational and that it represents reality. The argument is that if they show children violence then they will know that it is wrong. It is often felt that it is reality and that fights and murders do happen so by showing this to children it will prepare them for life. The strongest argument is that it is entertaining. Millions of people every week go to see a violent or horror movie. The shocks and tension created raises the heartbeat and heightens awareness. ...read more.


Lots of people however, feel that screen violence is wrong. One of the main arguments is that children learn from example. They see the favourite actors being violent and they try to emulate them Young boys play soldiers and karate fighters. They think that it is the norm for violence to be carried out. Even children's toys can carry a violent message. Take Action Man, he carries a gun and encourages children to "destroy evil Doctor X", this all proves that children mimic violence. They also emulate their hero's in other ways like when David Beckham had his haircut, thousands of young boys wanted to have theirs cut too to try and be like him. In the same way people try and copy violence to be the same as their heroes. People often see weapons as glamorous and think "if I had a gun then he would listen to me." Violence and weapons boast self-perception; it makes them feel like they can take on the world. Movies say that violence can get you what you want so people try violence to get revenge or even to try and get something that others have. ...read more.


Children remember what happened when they were younger and watching a violent movie may affect them for many years to come, for instance nine out of ten adults who were abused as young children go on to abuse their own children. This is how violence has affected them. So does screen violence affect people? I feel that it does. I think that any type of violence affects people in some way. It may not be straight away but maybe in a few years they will remember it and it will upset them. My opinion is that any form of violence is a nasty and horrific thing that we should all try to stop. When people die it is a sad and upsetting thing to happen. We should not be using such terrible things for our own entertainment. If violence does not affect children them why do they try to copy it? Why do they think that it is such an exciting thing? They think that it's fun and that it is real life. I feel that people do not know the full consequences of screen violence and that is why it affects so many people. ...read more.

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