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Does the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' give a false impression of Christianity or an accurate picture?

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Does the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' give a false impression of Christianity or an accurate picture? In the first wedding between Lydia and Bernard, we are introduced to a vicar played by Rowan Atkinson who is known for playing Mr Bean. This gives the impression that he is going to be comical and a character not to be taken seriously. Charles and Carrie also have sex after only knowing each other for a couple of hours. Carrie then pretends that they have to get married because they slept together. Charles appears terrified but she then tells him she is only joking. In the second wedding (Laura and Angus), Scarlet and Charles wake up late and Scarlet asks 'Who is it today?' meaning who is getting married today? This implies that marriage is unimportant and insignificant. Carrie is at the wedding. Charles and his friends discuss the purpose of marriage. The rings are forgotten so joke rings are used. The priest makes a mockery of the service by making mistakes such as 'the Holy Goat' and has to be corrected by the couple. In his best man speech, Charles speaks about his 'bewildered awe' for anyone who can make this kind a of commitment to each other in marriage. ...read more.


Adultery means a married or engaged to be married person having sex with someone other than their partner. All Christians believe that adultery is wrong because it breaks the marriage vows and the seventh commandment. Christian Views on Marriage: Christians regard marriage as a gift from God. The purposes of marriage are: For the couple to be able to live together in love. For the couple to have lawful sex. For the couple to have comfort and companionship. For the couple to have children. For the couple to create a Christian family. When Charles and his friends were discussing this, no-one mentioned any of these reasons. Clearly they do not share an orthodox Christian view. In a wedding ceremony, the rings are used as a symbol of eternal love that the couple have for each other. Using stripy and skull rings makes a joke of the ceremony and the commitment the couple are giving to each other. Christian Views on Homosexuality: Most Christians agree that being gay is not allowed. Roman Catholic Christians say that tradition has always declared that homosexuality is intrinsically disordered. Church of England Christians say that it is unacceptable. Quakers, though, believe that it is the nature and quality of a relationship that matters. ...read more.


In the view of the Church, this is wrong, especially as they have a baby. My Response: It is clear that the characters in the film do not share the Christian view in the issues raised. There are no Christian views argued in the film and it makes a mockery of strong Christian beliefs. Unfortunately, this is a reflection of society today. Most non-Christians share the same attitudes as the characters in the film and events that occurred in the film, often take place in our modern day life. The Church could change this and get through to a younger generation by changing it's attitudes to issues such as divorce and pre-marital sex and making it easier for people to commit to their faith. The Church has to take into account that modern day views have changed and instead of fighting a losing battle with society, trying to reason with it and fit around it. It would be impossible to change the attitudes of society and the Church has to accept that. This is maybe because times have changed since the Bible was written and Christian views are seen as quite strict. They do not take into account that it is now accepted in society to be gay or divorce because of rape, adultery or just discovering that you have met the new love of your life and you and your existing partner have grown apart. If society can accept it then why can't the Church? ...read more.

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