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Does the present treatment of Women reflect the mind of Jesus.

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Does the present treatment of Women reflect the mind of Jesus? Christians try to follow the example of Jesus. In my essay I have been asked to investigate if the present treatment of women does not reflect the mind of Jesus. This is a difficult question to answer because different churches have different views of this issue but this is an important issue because churches oppose to discrimination and of what is going on in the secular world, churches don't want to be guilty of discrimination. There are ways in which discrimination against women is being challenged in churches today. In November 1992 it was decided that women were allowed to be ordained for the first time. ...read more.


They believe the priesthood to be a male institution. The evangelical Protestants believe that men should be the head of the family and women should not speak in church or be ministers/priests. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that men and women are equals but do not have the same roles. The difference in attitude to women as priests has caused some difficulty in the discussions over church unity. Women are also not allowed to become Popes. Like all institutions that are dominated by men, the church has been guilty of sexism. Women have had little to do with the power in the church, even though they have traditionally made up the majority of the members. ...read more.


One typical example of the way he treated women was when he revealed himself as saviour to a Samaritan woman (John 4:7-30) which showed that Jesus chose a Samaritan women rather than a Samaritan man to reveal himself as saviour. He preached to women as well as men (Luke 10:38-42) and had women disciples and after the resurrection appeared first to a woman (Matthew 28:1-10). Christians believe, and Jesus said, that God created all people equal. In conclusion to my essay I believe that the attitude of the church does not reflect the mind of Jesus. My reason for saying this is because he treated women and men both equally when he was present on this earth and said that God created all people equal. I understand that others might not accept my view. Asha Chhaya 10m 13/05/03 ...read more.

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