Domestic violence

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domestic violence Domestic violence. The first vision that crosses most minds is the quick thrust of a husbands hand across the sacred face of his wife. All to well it is an everyday event happening in nearly one third of family's homes. And what are the most common responses to this heinous, cowardly act? It would be thought to be viewed as an act deserving the penalty of death. But rather the reasoning behind most are such expressions as, "she deserved it," or "she needs to be kept in line" (DVD, 1). Some experts say women are more likely to be killed by their male partners than by all other perpetrators combined (Awake, 5). This expose will scratch the surface as to what domestic violence is and why men do it, why women tend to stay in the abusive relationship, and the consequences of staying as well as ways to prevent it from going on or stopping it. The true textbook definition of domestic violence is stated as outrage belonging to the home. Anyway it's viewed, domestic violence is neither warranted nor wanted.


They are, (1) A batterer objectifies a woman. He doesn't see her as a woman, (2) A batterer has low self- esteem and feels powerless in the world, (3) A batterer externalizes the causes of his behavior as such things as stress, his partner's behavior, or alcohol, (4) A batterer may be pleasant and charming between periods of violence and seen as a nice guy, and (5) Warning signs are extreme jealousy, possessiveness, bad temper, unpredictability, cruelty to animals, and verbal abusiveness (DVD, 1). Taking to heart all listed can protect violence from being initiated. But the question burning inside us all is why do the women stay. It seems as simple as just packing up and walking out right? It is much more to it than meets the eye. Victims are usually put to blame for the domestic violence. They hear that they need or deserve such treatment (NCADV, 1). The truth is that no one enjoys being beaten, no matter what their emotional state or self image (NCADV, 1). Stephan Cain, a professor at Yale University, said there are five reasons a woman doesn't immediately leave the battering.


The scars look as if the woman had been through a battle for her life but in reality she just went through another day. Help for abuse is not out of the question. To prevent or stop the abuse one has to understand what they are going through. They have to admit and realize this isn't how life is supposed to be. After facing the realization the next step is getting out of the situation. There are shelters for battered women all over the United States. Once women get to the step of getting into the shelter the rest of the pick-up process of their life is profoundly easier. Domestic violence is horrid act of mental, physical, and emotional abuse. It can completely dismantle a person's life in every way. From hitting to verbal assault it is something that will unfortunately be around until the end of time. Listed above was information about domestic violence, why men do it, why women stay in the relationship, Harrison 4 the consequences for staying and ways to get out and prevent it from happening. There are ways to prevent it but the question is if the women can get there before it's too late. Once the abuse begins it is far more difficult to escape than anybody can comprehend.

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