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Domestic Violence Effect on Children

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Domestic Violence Effect on Children Domestic Violence Effect on Children CRJ260C Family Violence By: July 26, 2005 Domestic violence affects many individuals in America. The most profound population domestic violence impacts the most is children. This essay will focus on the short and long-term impact that domestic violence has on children as they grow into adult hood. There has been a growing concern about domestic violence in our society in the last twenty years. Even more so the impact that some individuals are at higher risk for victimization than others. Domestic violence has an adverse affects on individuals, families and society as a whole. (Domestic Violence) Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological and abuse to property and pets. (Gosselin p9) Individuals who witness such abuse can have life long problems. Some of the issues include vulnerability, helplessness, and severe cases of horror. (Domestic violence It's affect on Children) Physical abuse refers to any behavior that involves the intentional use of forces against the body of another person that risk physical injury, harm and/ or pain. ...read more.


She has the tools available to her to for the purpose of trying to make sense of difficult experiences and is capable of asking for help and support. (Who Witness Domestic Violence) A child, by definition is a person who is dependent on the adult and the environment for physical survival and food, shelter clothing etc. Also for the emotional stability. This includes emotional warmth and nurturing as well as to be protected from internal and external threats to a child's sense of safety, self-esteem and security. (Witnessing Domestic Violence) A home as well as a parent (when functional) provides a child with a safe place in which to experience and integrate the many complex emotions that a child must go through as a part of developing into a healthy human being. A child is yet still developing a sense of self of their own beliefs and goodness and goodness of others, which is a fragile state. When the adult provides a surrounding that is full of violence, fear and pain a child's growth and emotional well-being is put in danger. ...read more.


But when impeded by domestic violence adolescents are at risk of academic failure, school drop out, delinquency and substance abuse. (Long Term Effects) In addition, teens face the same issues as younger children in an abusive family, mostly feeling lonely and isolated, growing up to fast, behavioral problems. Other problems include mental and medical problems. (Long Term Effects) In adulthood possible problems faced are alcohol and drug abuse; depression; low self-esteem; violent practice in the home; criminal behavior; sexual problems. (Long Term Effects) Most of the issues mentioned can be treated with appropriate therapy and support. Domestic violence is a state and national crisis. Women are victims of domestic violence much more than men. According to the Department of Justice 2001 more than half a million women were victims of nonfatal violence committed by intimate partners. Community agencies as well as the government need to continue to develop programs that integrate program that address the needs of the children in cases of domestic violence. The programs should develop innovative strategies aimed at stopping the maltreatment of children, domestic violence, youth violence, reducing violence in homes as well as on the streets and other aspects of society that domestic violence impedes upon. ...read more.

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