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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Aim The aim of my coursework is to look at if physical domestic violence is witnessed in the home. In the UK incidents of domestic violence occur every 26 seconds and costs the public services �278m a year, according to a report by Lucy Ward on Monday 18th February. Domestic violence can be carried out by physically, mentally or emotionally abusing the victim. I will concentrate on physical violence because this is what most people associate with domestic violence. Domestic violence has appeared in the media more than ever; this has caught my attention and started my interest with the subject. (100 Words) Context And Concepts In November 1991 Julie Donovan, a Marxist, published the booklet 'Stop Domestic Violence' this booklet has peoples experiences of domestic violence and says that domestic violence occurs in the homes of the rich and the middle classes just as much as in the homes of the working class. Donovan says that the violence used against women stems from the belief based on the traditional ideas, and until very recently backed up by the law, that a man has the right to exert authority over a woman within the home and to use physical violence where necessary. ...read more.


(400 Words) Research Method And Reasons The research method I am going to use in my coursework is the unstructured interview method. I have decided to use this type of research method because all of the questions asked and the answers answered would be private and confidential and only used in my research. This way all of the people involved in the interview would be more likely to give honest answers because an unstructured interview is more like a conversation rather than a set of questions that have to be answered. Unstructured interviews are generally used to give qualitative data; the questions are usually of an open type. Ethnographers have developed what are called 'in-depth-interviews', which are now used more widely in sociology to uncover the cultural meanings perceived by individuals. The advantage to the interview method is that as the interviewee is answering the questions in their own way they show a more detailed realism rather than answering yes or no when the answer could easily fit into the middle of these options. There are disadvantages to using the unstructured interview method. There is no guarantee that you can compare one of the interviewees' answers with the next because the answers are open. ...read more.


Also the time that it would take to travel to the interview room. Some of the interviews may take a few two hour long sessions in order for the interviewee to answer all of the questions because some of the questions that are asked may be distressing for the victim to answer, therefore they may take time answering them. On top of this it would take time to sort out the data after it has been collected. Sensitivity: The subject of physical domestic violence is a very sensitive issue and getting people to talk about some of their experiences could open up some of the scars that they were trying to forget. The main problem that I am likely to face is the fact that a lot of the victims of physical domestic violence may be reluctant to give answers to the questions. Also they might not want to answer the questions truthfully or even at all because they don't trust the interviewer who is asking them questions. So to overcome this particular problem I would have to employ a female to do the interviewing because the victim of domestic violence is more likely to trust another female rather than a male. (300 Words) (Total 1200 Words) ?? ?? ?? ?? 1/4 ...read more.

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