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Dormition Skete: A Place of Prayer and Asceticism.

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Running Head: Dormition Skete Colorado Technical University Dormition Skete: A Place of Prayer and Asceticism A Definition Essay Professor Diana L. Mayo Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for English 112 English Composition II By John P Mills; 57065 Colorado Springs, Colorado October 2002 Dormition Skete: A Place of Prayer and Asceticism Dormition Skete is located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, now on 27 acres of beautiful mountain property, at 9,000 feet, in the St. Elizabeth National Forest. The Skete is heated by solar energy, is designed specifically for icon painting, and can house 6 monks (Dormition Skete, 2002a). Bishop Gregory of Colorado founded Dormition Skete in 1979, who had been donated 10 acres of land from a resident of Colorado. Bishop Gregory, who at the time was Father Gregory, came from the east coast to Colorado in 1978, with his eyes set upon the mountains to start skete life in America. ...read more.


Dormition Skete is involved with many daily activities As mentioned before, Dormition Skete is a self-sustaining institution. Income is produced primarily by iconography. Simply put, iconography is the expression of holy images of the events in the life of Christ and the saints portraying their images on panels of wood or walls for the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christians abroad. An icon is an image that may depict Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world or a saint recognized by the Orthodox Church. Dormition Skete produces two types of icons, hand painted and mounted (Dormition Skete, 2002c). The price of each icon is determined by the size and number of figures, so a quote is necessary for each subject (Dormition Skete, 2002b). In addition to icons sold for profit, the Skete also sells incense to various customers all over the country. ...read more.


Many laymen, clergy, and people alike come to Dormition Skete for guidance. One may ask, how can an institution that lives in such seclusion, offer advice to those caught up in the cares of this world? This is a mystery in the eyes of many, but in the Orthodox Church wisdom is acquired through prayer, fasting, and above all love for God and His commandments; wisdom and discernment is a gift from the Almighty. Conclusion Monetary activity is a very small part of what Dormition Skete is all about. The purpose of the monastic life is to dedicate ones self to God and His Church. The income produced by the Skete is used for various causes anywhere from helping the needy to the building up of the Church here in America, in Greece, and in Russia. Dormition Skete is the center of the Church here in America and is involved with much correspondence with people in or outside the Church for spiritual guidance and strengthening. ...read more.

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