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drama of sikhism

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(........ comes walking in ) ......: granny how does a Sikh funeral take place Sophie: well sanjeet this is how a funeral takes place... (...........take places and ...... lies down and ...... and ....... Act as though you are praying) Sophie: first after a person has passed away they wash the body to keep it clean for the carnation... ...... what does carnation mean? Sophie: it means to die and to come back to life as a different form. .............: oh so I could come back to life as a cricket! Sophie: yes! As I was saying, so the body is washed and covered in a white cloak by family members ready to be burnt to ashes. ...read more.


.............: just because we are reading it does not mean we believe in it so please do not think we do. (Start acting as though you are praying) Ek-Oankar. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh God is One. All victory is of the Wondrous Guru (God). Sri Pagothi ji Sahai May the respected sword (God in the form of the Destroyer of evil doers) help us! Var Sri Pagothi Ji Ki Patshai Dasvi Ode of the respected sword recited by the Tenth Guru. Pritham Pagothi Simar Kai, Guru Nanak Layee Thiyaee First remember the sword (God in the form of Destroyer of evil doers); then remember and meditate upon Guru Nanak. ...read more.


Tegh Bahadur Simrareeai Kar No Nidh Avai Thai Remember and meditate upon Guru Tegh Bahadur; and then nine sources of wealth will come hastening to your home. Sabh Thai Hoyee Sahai Oh Respected Gurus! Kindly help us everywhere. Sophie: then the ashes are disposed in the river.(manisha act as though you are setting the ashes in the river) ...........: why? Sophie: to set it off in the after life. ...........: then what happens? Sophie: finally a non continuous reading of the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib is undertaken and timed to conclude on the tenth day. This may be undertaken at home or in the Gurdwara. .............: thank you granny I never knew it would be like that ...read more.

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