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Dreaming, by Monica Zucker -analysis

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DREAMING: Analysis Dreaming, by Monica Zucker, is a sardonic look at how a racist sees a perfect world. We see that assimilation is very important in maintaining this 'ideal' world; the perfect nation will, in theory, be made up of carbon copy people. These people will be Christian, Anglo-Saxon, and heterosexual. Note is made that there should be no tolerance for people who have trouble with personal finances (homelessness) and nor should there be any questioning of the thoughts of the majority (or those in power). Through Dreaming, we see the world through the eyes of a chauvinist. This song provides insight into what an insipid place Earth would be if everyone was the same bland character, and none could ever break the rules. The majority of people today can realize that there are no specifications for the perfect individual. ...read more.


the world would be a 'merry and bright' place. In reality we know that the varying complexities of different individuals help the world function as a whole far more effectively. Dreaming is a song that can certainly get people thinking about what the world might be like, should the world carry those beliefs. It may also get people thinking about what the world was like not too long ago. If you heard this song on the radio, you would probably be outraged (assuming you did not know it was satirical), but if you agreed with it, maybe that's not such a bad thing either. Those with these views that conflict with the norm often offer us time to reflect and consider how wonderful it really is that we live in a world that (for the most part) ...read more.


As the song says, people are killed because they are different (or defend those who are), 'butchered in the name of [discrimination]'. This song is a call for brazen action by people afflicted by discrimination, and those who live in freedom of the ugly beast, to rise and strike down this opponent. The Discrimination looks at what peace really is to the 'Mighty Powers'. We are asked if peace is really peace if it is achieved through coercion. The monster may be quiet, but he is surely not dead. The Discrimination enlightens us to the opinion that right now, the world is wearing the rags of discrimination and to be rid of them we must seek change. The 'world remaining the same' is the worst thing that could happen, making no progress in abolishing prejudice. If we are to achieve freedom from discrimination we must do it, and we must do it 'for justice's sake'. When the world changes, honesty and integrity will surely rule ... M.R. Hargreaves ...read more.

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