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East is East

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Drama Portfolio 2 Joe W 11TNH East is East In my opinion, East is East was a very enjoyable play as it covered two very common and disturbing factors in everyday life around the world. Domestic violence, and arranged marriage. If you do not already know, arranged marriage is part of the Muslim religion and many children of fathers with a strong belief are forced in to this unwillingly. The play made me realise the pain and anger that Muslims go through when forced in to loving and spending their lives with a person they have never met before, they are forced to fall in love even if they are already with someone else. It made me understand the reason why people like Nazir (in the play) run away from such horrors as arranged marriages. The play also brought to light the fact that arranged marriage is slowly but surely becoming a less common factor in life and that more people are rebelling and becoming more independent. ...read more.


Maneer, Tariq's brother, explains to Tariq that they are not laughing at George but actually at Tariq, calling him a 'stupid paki' for making fun of his own family. There are many other aspects of racism in the play and these are magnified in the film with the character across the road screaming racist comments at every chance he can. I think racism is a very common problem in everyday Muslim life and the playwright has expressed her thoughts in a way that will not cause any commotion with critics and pundits around the country. The racial prejudice shown in many of the scenes is an exaggeration of that which happens to most Muslims in the English Community at the present time. But in the 1970's this did occur, people were so racist they didn't let anyone who wasn't English into the clubs across the country. The strategies of Marking the Moment, Still Image and Thought Tracking helped us understand racism more clearly for many reasons. ...read more.


I believe that if it weren't for the forum theatre, our versions of the play would not have been of as a good quality as they were. Evaluation On the whole, I think the whole class performed to an excellent standard and each individual used their talents to put across their thoughts on the serious matters that the play explores in a very sensible and serious way. The workshop was a fun but serious way to investigate the everyday life that a muslim man or woman has to endure when faced with arranged marriage. It also was a good way to experience domestic violence. We were all treat like adults and I thought that this brought out new characters in every one of us. Here are my depictions on how every group and individual performed on the day. Group 1- this consisted of Emma, Tamzin, Sarah, Jessica, Chantara, Tracy and Robert. Emma- I thought emma played her character very well ...read more.

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