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EdmondDantes the Mythological Hero of our Time

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Edmond Dantes the Mythological Hero of our Time Mythological heroes are not always seen in modern times, but Edmond Dantes can be considered one. Dantes was first shown to the reader as a na�ve, slender, young man, who his whole manner gave evidence to his calmness and his liability. As he is freed from prison he returns as a new man, who acquires a new identity as the Count of Monte Cristo. Despite his cruel vengeance plan he is a character to admire because through the novel he demonstrates to be an intelligent, grateful and conscience man who can be recognized as a model for a perfect man. The Count's character is special because it acquires characteristics proper of a gentle man whose personality is special and unique. Edmond Dantes is described to the reader as a character with a natural high intellect, which makes him an admirable man. As Dantes is arrested and sent into prison he meets with Abbe Faria, another political prisoner. Faria proves to be a brilliant and resourceful man, who shows Dantes the paper, ink, the pen, the knife, and the lamp he had created. Over the course of two years, the learned man guides and assists Edmond with his education. ...read more.


Madame Villefort's behavior is an example of Monte Cristo's ability to manipulate others in the novel. As Monte Cristo is seeking for vengeance he visits Madame Villefort's house where he installs in her the idea that poison is a fast and simple murder weapon. " Furthermore, not only do the Orientals use poison to make themselves a suit of armor, but they also use it as a dagger, And they use it so skillfully that human justice is left without a clue" (187). As they are having a conversation about the chemistry of poison she is very interested in the subject and is eager to know about poisonous formulas. The Count obtains her trust and confidence which later on resulted in the death of all Villefort's family causing inside him a feeling of pain and sorrow, exactly what Monte Cristo was expecting. The second thing which makes Edmond Dantes a perfect man is that he was a character that worked for the things he desired in life, but he was extremely grateful with those who helped him achieve his goals. As he works for Monsieur Morrel's firm, Morrel's and Sons, Dantes is grateful with the ship owner because he had named him the Pharaon captain after Lecler's death. ...read more.


As the Count leaves Paris he realizes that for a period of time he had almost seen himself acting in the place of God, but then he was humble and learned that God alone posses the power to punish and forgive. Monte Cristo realizes that although he was leaving the city without hatred or pride, he felt a deep feeling of regret. He had accustomed to death, to smile at suffering, and had achieved the greatest expressions of cruelty. Then he realized that he wanted to revert back into Edmond Dantes, the calm, honest, and loving man which he was born to be. This is Edmond Dantes, a man to learn from. A modern hero which seduced millions of readers around the world. He was a character that performed both sides of the story; the loving young man, intelligent but with not great expectations; and then turned into the Count of Monte Cristo an ambitious, rich and powerful gentleman who despite his urge for vengeance reflected to be a grateful and conceit man. As a conclusion one can deduce that Monte Cristo is and would be a mythological hero capable of provoking jealousy for his astonishing traits, not only physical but emotional. Maria Jos� Valenzuela January 23,2003 Period 3 ...read more.

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