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English Creative Writing

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James Bevan Creative Writing - Racism, a short story. An internal scar ...which will forever haunt me on my ill-fated childhood. I try to pay no heed to the physical beating but more to the emotional distress I was unjustly forced upon. The colour of my skin alienated me from my students; as a result of this I had no friends, no one to look up to or even to care for. It was the time when I needed it the most, the foundation of my upbringing which would steer me on the righteous road to adulthood. My first and only school report read: "A hard worker. Malkir is a determined student with a passion to succeed. He has built up an encouraging reputation and we are glad to accept him as a new member of our school community". Something so simple made me feel so good. My dad smiled, looked at me and said he was proud. It sounds silly but I had butterflies in the pit of my stomach. ...read more.


I covered my eyes with the whole of my palm, please G..ggod. - He has asked me why but to be honest, I don't really know myself; it's just a sort of ego boost. He has done nothing to merit what the lads and I do to him, well apart from him being black, and to be honest that is suffice to beat him up. He is one of the few black kids in the school thankfully. 'Cos he's in our year we can just get away with saying it was a fight and not racism. Notihng would happen anyway, everyone hates black people. I don't really believe in karma, well, if it were true, I'm sure I would be a cripple by now. There was one time where I truly believe we all overstepped the mark. He was swiftly jogging past the gym, for once it looked like he had a purpose, but it was most likely just to avoid us. ...read more.


Putting it in terms we can relate with, the doctors compared the likes of Mals death to that of Anne Franks. "People without the will to live seem to fade away at the most optimistic of times" He just gave up on life. Immediately the thought of my dead brother erupted into my head and was so indomitable I wasn't able to think about anything else. A shadow of shame engulfed me internally. "I'm not a murderer, I didn't do it" my conscience whispered but screamed at the same time... I broke down, please G..ggod. Malkir Sudah, may Allah bless over you and rain down his love from the kingdom of paradise. Although you were wrongly taken from this world, we hope it's to a better place. You were of paramount importance to this family Mal, and there is an eerie silence in your absence. We will continue to obey and follow in the footsteps of the virtuous prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him. God's love was flourished into every being of mankind, including that of the boys who stole your life. Allahu Akbar. (Hemin Sudah) - Fathers Concluding speech at funeral ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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