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english original writing

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As I stare at the 4 same grey walls I know I don't have long left before they execute me. It is my own fault I have to say sorry to the families of the men I killed. I truly am sorry for what I have done. It was a cold dark foggy night and I am trying to get away from my abusive husband. I have tried to leave him before but he always manages to get me back by saying he will change and he is sorry but he never is. This time is different though I am nearly there my sweaty hand reaches for the door handle and someone grabbed my from behind dragging me back by my hair. ...read more.


there and he knew what I had done so in his heart went the knife this time I knew I was free. I walked out of the bathroom of the hotel I have been staying in since I have killed my husband. I glanced at the TV and I saw a picture of me splashed all over the news it was so unlike what I am now happy and smiling while now I am sad and I look years older than 26.the police now it is me who killed James and lee and I have nowhere to go as I will easily be recognised. I have to leave straight away. An hour later all my things are packed and ready to go as I leave my hotel and go to walk over to my car armed police are all waiting for me to take me away, it's over. ...read more.


A great wave of relief washed over me and I new I will go to prison. It was the day of my trial I hope the judge understands what I have been through in 10 years and feels pity towards me. "You are sentenced to be held on death row for 12 months awaiting your execution on the 15 July 2007 death by hanging". NO!! Death sentence it was self defence I thought to my self but there was no changing it now. At least I have time to say sorry for what I have done. "Walk this way please" the officer says. It is 12 July 2007 and I am ready to be hung. They tie the noose round my neck and then the goes the trap door...... Jessica hope 10f ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Capital Punishment section.

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