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English Speech: Terrorism

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English Speech: Terrorism Good (morning/afternoon) and welcome to my speech. Today I would like to enlighten you with a subject that I feel strongly about. That subject is terrorism and what it has done to the world. My personal opinion is that terrorism is something that is causing havoc in this place called earth and it should stopped before it gets out of our hands. The word terrorism in the English dictionary means "violent action for political purposes." This is the proper definition but my definition differs a little. My definition is a bunch of scumbags trying to kill other people as a hobby. Acts of terrorism has become a major issue in the past year and a half. ...read more.


This was the most hurtful act of terrorism for me as this Hindu place of worship was where I have prayed before and it was my religious building that got attacked. Fortunately, these 2 terrorists were brought to justice and killed. Due to the acts of terrorism security has been tightened all over the world but yet terrorists find ways of breaking into other countries and causing havoc. Security has been tightened in airports, buildings and even religious places of worship have got to grips with the true meaning of security. Many people i.e. terrorists, think that what they do is for the best and this was what the god Allah has said they have to do. ...read more.


God knows. People come to a temple to pray and for peace not to enter the place and get 4 shot in the back of there heads. I would like to conclude by saying terrorism is something which should be abolished from this little place called earth. People want peace but instead you get people going round killing people causing great trauma across the world. Just think if you lost one of your loved ones in such an act. It wouldn't be easy to take in and would leave you raged with anger with the people who caused such tragedy. This is the same passion that I have for terrorism and why it should be abolished. I hope you can have the same passion as I do. Thank you for listening to my speech. Ambrish Patel ...read more.

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