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Equality and Inequality - "Reply to an Angry Letter"

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Humanities Coursework Assignment Equality and Inequality "Reply to an Angry Letter" Kulsum Patel 10 B Mrs Hans June 2003 Dear Editor I recently came across your article in the newspaper and thought I would reply. Firstly I would like to mention that there are two types of poverty: absolute and relative poverty. Absolute poverty is the kind of poverty the people of Africa are suffering from. They suffer from low GNP per capita there life expectancy if very low and they have a very high infant mortality rate. Also their literacy rate is exceptionally low compared to ours. For example in Ethiopia a women only lives to an average of 48 years and a man to 46 years while in the UK a women's life expectancy is 77 and mans in 74 years old. Also in Ethiopia the infant mortality is 114 more per thousand than in UK. Africa is the world's poorest continent with almost half of its population living on less than �0.68 (GBP) per day. We should count ourselves very privileged as most of us earn and spend more than �5 a day. When you say that even people in Britain suffer from poverty I'm sure they get more that 68p per day. ...read more.


it like this the MEDC's take up about 20% of the world but get 80% of the food whilst the LEDC's take up 80% of the world but only get 20% of the food, so because of this of course there is a reason for them to be starving. An estimated 174 million under-five children in the developing world are malnourished as indicated by low weight for age, and 230 million are underdeveloped. Malnutrition results in poor physical and cognitive development as well as lower resistance to illness. It is now recognized that 6.6 million out of 12.2 million deaths among children under-five - or 54% of young child mortality in developing countries - is associated with malnutrition. In addition to the human suffering, the loss in human potential translates into social and economic costs that no country can afford. Over 800 million people still cannot meet basic needs for energy and protein, more than two thousand million people lack essential micronutrients, and hundreds of millions suffer from diseases caused by unsafe food or by unbalanced food intake. You say that you went on holiday to Tanzania and didn't see anyone who was poor and your food was excellent well what do you expect you and many other people who go their on holiday to sea the safari parks pay a lot of money and that money goes into the food that they make for the tourists to eat. ...read more.


These poor countries do have a lot of land and they do try and make a living with the land that they own but the crops that they grow, they need to sell it and the money they get doesn't really go to them because of all the debts they owe to other countries. If they don't trade then how will they get the money and repay the debts. Some countries have even cancelled they're debt with Africa as they have noticed it was too hard for them to pay but how can all countries think the same I'm sure you can understand the reason why the cant eat all that they grow. Charities like Children in Need, NSPCC and even Comic Relief have proved very beneficial in catering for the needs of these people. However they rely on the generous funds that we donate. If we don't give money to them then who will? We need to help these poor people. Try putting yourself in their shoes and maybe even try going yourself to see how these people live. I mean if we give even five pounds to these charities it will make a significant difference and I'm sure we can spare that little bit of extra cash. Just think about it, we can help these people make water wells so they get a fresh clean supply of water. ...read more.

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