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Essay on Muhammed

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Muhammed - GCSE Essay 2. a) Give an account of how Muhammed (pbuh) was called to be the prophet of Islam. (8 marks) Muhammed was the final prophet of Islam and was the messenger of Allah. Muhammed's early life was very hard, he was born in the year 570 CE and parents died when he was young. He was well known in Mecca as Al-Amin which means trustworthy. When Muhammed was 40 years of age he had a very strange religious experience whilst he was meditating on Mount Hira during the month of Ramadhan. Muhammed was meditating in the mountains because he knew that their was more to life than worshipping stone idols. Muhammed saw a vision of the Angel Jibreal. The angel held out a piece of silk cloth with words written on it in Arabic. ...read more.


For the next 23 years, Muhammed received many more revelations from Allah and all of which were written down and formed the Quran, which is the holy book of Islam and the sacred words of Allah. b) Explain what was special about the message of Muhammed. (7 marks) The message of Muhammed was a very special moment and occasion because of the way it was delivered. It was the words of Allah that were sent down to earth by the Angel Jibreal and the prophet interpreted the message to the people and taught them the teachings of Allah. God delivered the message to Muhammed and his words were sacred. The people of that time worshipped idols and Muhammed was sent forth to deliver them a message, the message of Islam. The main message that Muhammed took to the people of Mecca was to worship one God, Allah, to listen to him because he was Allah's prophet, ...read more.


Also, if Muslims live in a non Islamic community and they are a minority it is very difficult for them to follow the teachings of Muhammed and the words of Allah. Some Muslims would disagree with this statement because yes it may be difficult but it is not impossible. There is a lot of guidance from the Quran and Hadith and Muhammed is the perfect example to live a devoted Islamic life. However, I think that it is not difficult and is not impossible because you are showing a commitment to faith and by becoming a Muslim in the first place is to submit yourselves to God. I also personally think that religion should not get mistaken for a type of tradition or a type of culture because religion is a way of life and if you believe then you will find it possible. Zainab Abed ...read more.

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