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Ethics and politics.

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Ethics and politics. Ethics is the discipline relating to right and wrong, moral duty and obligation, moral principles and values, and to moral character. To many people ethics and morality are synonymous terms, both meaning customs in their original Greek and Latin respectively. However, the Greek term "ethics" also implies character, whereas "mores" refers to social customs. Morals have probably been discussed as long as there has been language. Therefore I would like to make a distinction between the terms and use" ethics" to refer to a universal or philosophical system of moral principles and values, while leaving "morality" to refer to the relative standards or values of any social group or person. Of course much overlapping can occur. An individual or culture's morality may often have universal standards, but in many cases they may not be universally applied in a philosophical way. ...read more.


What kind of ethics is it when companies are interviewing for positions that the heads of the companies know won't be there in 4 weeks? Are any morals involved in this escaped? I don't think so. Another thing: the people losing their cars and houses, right now, because of the Dot.com crash wish they had been practical like deceased people, from Santa Barbara. Many of them, as they move up the pecking order, in these corporations, knew the layoffs were coming soon. They saw the bottom line of their corporate holdings, and did nothing to prepare co-workers for the horrors of job loss. What would happen if IT personnel knew they were about to be laid off? Many of them would stay at their jobs until the final day probably. They wouldn't run off into the street, immediately, looking for a new job. The powers that Be, sometime like to play god and treat their employees without the respect they deserve. Too bad. ...read more.


Why are politicians so eager to be president? What is it about the job that makes it worth revealing, on national television, that you have the ethical standards of a slime-coated piece of industrial waste? About forty percent of the people vote democrat. About forty percent vote republication. Of those eighty percent, most wouldn't change their votes if Adolph Hitler was running against Abe Lincoln-or against FDR...That Leaves twenty percent of the people who swing back one way or another.... the true independents...That twenty percent controls the destiny of the country. Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. Politicians are the same all over They promise to build a bridge even where there is no water. America is just the country that how all the written guarantees in the world for freedom are no protection against tyranny and oppression of the worst kind. The politician has come to be looked upon as the very scum of society. ...read more.

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