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Euthanasia, abortion and the Church

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Euthanasia, abortion and the Church The Catholic Church has consistently taught that respect for human life is one of the most essential aspects of our faith. Life includes love, respect, community, and family. Each person is entitled their right to life, a responsibility to God, to live out their life from natural birth to natural death. Unfortunately, there have been horrifying incidents where people commit murders, assault and manipulate other people. One of the Ten Commandments clearly states "Thou shall not Kill." The act of killing is not only illegal; it is unjustifiable. Abortion, euthanasia, and suicide are all acts of murder. In each circumstance, a life is being terminated intentionally and the people involved are refusing to acknowledge God's intentions for human life. Our society has been intensely corrupted to the point where each person acts for his or her benefit without thinking about the repercussions. In any case, abortion, euthanasia, and suicide are not solutions to an unhappy or unwanted lifestyle; it is only a cowardly escape. Initially, life begins at the moment of conception and the Church recognizes this important stage of life forbidding any methods to terminate the embryo. Abortion is the procedure to terminate a pregnancy before the foetus can be fully developed. Many women have different excuses to choose to have an abortion. Most commonly, women feel they are not financially secure to raise a child, while others fear that their life would dramatically change or that they are not ready for the responsibility of looking after a child. ...read more.


However, it is not justifiable in every circumstance. People need to suffer in order to recognize and appreciate the good in life. Through suffering, humans are able to learn about compassion and solidarity. Although eliminating a person's suffering may bring them to peace, it definitely does not result in ending their life. As difficult as things can be, we cannot solve problems by getting rid of the people to whom the problems happen. The more difficult but humane solution to human suffering is to address the problems. Around the world, a large majority agrees that assisted suicide is outrageously terrible. However, three places do have euthanasia legalized. They include Belgium, the Netherlands, and Oregon, United States. Surprisingly the laws were changed in the late 1990's and early 2000 in each of these three locations. During this day and age, it is quite appalling to discover that people are willing to participate in such acts. It is already complicated when a patient requests to be put to death, which is known as voluntary euthanasia. Then there are instances where doctors or medical supervisors decide upon themselves to terminate an ill patient without their consent. In their defense, they claim that these measures are taken for the best interest of the patient. In modern medicine, there is a variety of medication that can be used to relieve pain in order to lead a more natural death. ...read more.


The act accounts for ending problems for life on earth, but the afterlife may not offer a much better environment. As a result, life is a precious gift that everyone should cherish. It is irreplaceable and each human life from conception to natural death is unique. God has intentions for us to learn from our mistakes, grow from our sufferings, and understand that God has special intentions with each gift of life he creates. Today's society has become a self-motivated and self-driven environment where each man or woman takes care of his or her own needs first before considering the welfare of anyone else. Abortion, euthanasia, and suicide all reflect this type of selfishness. By aborting a foetus, an innocent life has been perished and events like this occur every single day all across the world. Whether it has been done legally in some countries or illegally in other, killing a recognized form of life is morally wrong. The same applies to euthanasia, as well as, suicide. Abortion is terminating life when it is jus beginning, and euthanasia is destroying the chances of natural death for the sick or the old. Death occurs each and every day, but we cannot decide when we should leave our place on earth. With our faith, we believe in God and trust that he will call for us and in the meantime, we live life reflecting his image. Living each day with compassion, love, and understanding. It is a simple request. ...read more.

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