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Euthanasia and Abortion

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??????????? Euthanasia and Abortion are some of the most controversial issues discussed in and around medical institutions today. The term abortion suggests the death and removal of an unborn child within the mothers womb. It can however mean the termination of a pregnancy as the result of an operation. The statement "Human Life Is Sacred" is in an array of opinions, (inclusive of myself), very true. It is known that the word sacred must be in one way or another connected to God himself. I am certain that it is. One of the major influences on Christian Belief in the Bible is the quote from Genesis itself: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; Male and Female he created them" From this, we can see that God has indeed invented and created Man in his own image, and therefore something as special as this, to me, is considered to be sacred. Similarly, it is dictated in the Bible that the fifth commandment states "Thou shalt not kill" and therefore the termination of a new life is obviously not taking into account that Human life is sacred. I am confident that it is going against the will of God and therefore should not be allowed. But should these people be forgiven? It is a disturbing fact that the majority of abortions are down to the fact that mothers cannot accept the responsibility of a child. There are however more traumatic and serious cases. For example, pregnancy as a result of rape should not impose an obligation to carry the foetus to term, fatally handicapped foetuses should be aborted as it is the only humane answer. But how can you define fatally handicapped? Is it a person who is mentally handicapped or a person who is physically handicapped? Either instance, it is not possible to decide and categorize ones capability. ...read more.


This however, is considered natural as it is a 'side effect'. The Church of England restates that the human rights act should be valued. Those who are ill become susceptible and require special care. Recently, the "exit" group published statistics that illustrated 23% of the Roman Catholics agree that doctors should be allowed to help an incurably ill patient to die if they so wish. It was also recognised that a number of churches were unsure of their position which led to over half supporting Voluntary Euthanasia in cases where the patient it terminally ill. As mentioned previously, Euthanasia is very debatable issue; it has many 'for' arguments, and many 'against' In the case of "for" Euthanasia if a person as the right to eat or drink whatever they please, smoke, pierce his or her body, then ultimately it should be their decision whether or not to end their life due to the unbearable suffering of a terminal illness. Also, Christians believe that total healing will be in the presence of God in heaven, and many of those who are critically ill do pray for healing, so in theory you are speeding up the process in order to meet the presence of God in heaven. Furthermore, it is also seen that patients occasionally wish to die with dignity and therefore they have the right to end their life. In some circumstances, patients have no control over their bodily functions and so it is only humane to ease the suffering of this and allow the patient to pass on. Finally, the patient may wish to die at home on her bed with members of the family at his/her side, again it is ultimately their decision if they wish to do so. For this to take place, the living will is signed which states: "If I should have an incurable of irreversible condition that shall cause my death in a relatively short time, and if I am unable to make decisions regarding my medical care, I ...read more.


Evans decided to make the most of his life; his mind suddenly began to work quickly. He later wrote a book titled "Next time you will wake up dead" and was thankful to have such ability. After awaking from the coma originally, doctors told Evans he would be unable to speak, walk and write. Years later he responded with the statement "If you want to know how well you can get. Never ask a doctor" Today, Evans is writing books, walking and speaking very well! This case proves that if God wanted to take his life, he would have, but he gave Evans the chance to fulfil his life, and he is doing just that. On the other hand, people feel Euthanasia is a good way to, in theory to "alleviate the discomfort and pain for those who are terminally ill" I personally feel this to be wrong and immoral. If Euthanasia is a solution to ease the pain of those who are terminally ill, then in reality, it would have been legalised in the United Kingdom. Although many believe it is the right of the individual, I personally disagree. The occurrence of the car accident involving Tony Bland who was later seen in a vegetative state, and remained on a life support machine for 4 years set a new precedent to Euthanasia. His feeding was withdrawn from him in early 1993, and many saw it as a way to stop the pain and discomfort both for him and his family. I feel this to be extremely wrong, Euthanasia is a way to reduce the costs of medicine and facilities in my opinion, and I see it as a barbaric way to cover the fact that people are being murdered. The only acceptable alternative to Euthanasia is the life houses mentioned previously that see the patients enjoying life. In conclusion, I do feel God gives life and takes it away, and if he feels that people should be taken from life due to pain and other means, then he has the power to do so. ...read more.

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