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Euthanasia and abortion.

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'Euthanasia is a rejection of the importance and value of human life' this is what John Paul the Pope said. He is right and why shouldn't he be? God gave us the life to live it and not for it to be destroyed. Mainly abortions happen due to none or failed contraception. 'We think there will probably always be a certain number of unplanned pregnancies and that the mother concerned should have the complete choice of either complete abortion, or keeping the baby.' Euthanasia, at the moment is illegal throughout the world apart from in the State of Oregon in USA, where there is a law specifically allowing doctors to prescribe lethal drugs for the purpose of euthanasia. ...read more.


They should spend the rest of their lives by their family. The aim for euthanasia to end is so that a person suffering from a severe illness or are terminally ill should get a painless death a injection that Murders! I will do two examples of abortion and two examples of euthanasia. I will state what the church teaches in each situation and what the church says in each situation. Also I'll say what other viewpoints of other groups are. One situation of abortion would be if a woman were to become pregnant through being raped. In this situation the church would teach no to abortion, they say you are combating one evil of rape, with another of murder. ...read more.


The national abortion campaign will feel differently about this situation. They will think each woman has the right to choose what happens to her own body they can but they shouldn't be able to control a child's life, after all the child relays on its mother for love, shelter, trust and comfort. A situation concerning Euthanasia would be if a very old person that has no family and no-one visits them, they are lonely and feel there is nothing left to love for. In this situation the Catholic Church would say no to Euthanasia. The Catholic Church teaches euthanasia as being murder. It is up to God when we join him. Only god can decide when we are ready to join him in heaven. We as humans, inferior to God should not interfere when life is taken away. ...read more.

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