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Euthanasia and types of euthanasia

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  • Essay length: 5939 words
  • Submitted: 28/01/2005
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GCSE Euthanasia

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In the UK, a lot of ideas for improving the lot of the disadvantaged has been formulated although the lead is not always maintained. Doctors are believed to be giving their patients euthanasia far too often and the law however takes no perception of euthanasia; whether the motive is merciful or merciless and greedy, the deliberate taking of life is classed as murder.

Arguments about euthanasia often hinge on the 'right to life' and the 'right to die'. The first is a widely accepted basic human right and moral value, based on the fact that people generally want to live. But the question is, what should be done to those who are seriously ill or in vegetative state and no longer wants to live? A century ago, most people died quite quickly if they had serious injuries or illnesses. Nowadays they can be treated, sometimes cured, and often kept alive almost indefinitely. Codes of conduct formulated centuries ago, for example the Hippocratic oath, cannot necessarily help us with twenty-first century problems of medical ethics. In this project, I will outline the issues and views from Religious groups, different cultures, and medical opinion on the above.

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