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"Euthanasia can be right in some circumstances".

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"Euthanasia can be right in some circumstances" By Andrew Scuoler Many people believe euthanasia to be acceptable while others absolutely condemn it. There are moral implications and religious beliefs surrounding the issue that influence peoples' opinions. Is euthanasia a sign of the times, or is it just unethical? This essay will into account all points of view and will decide whether, in some circumstances, euthanasia is right. People in favour of euthanasia argue that people have the right to decide whether they die or not. They believe that if they are allowed to smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and do other harmful things they should be able to decide when to die if the suffering becomes unbearable. Many people would say that it is immoral to prolong a person's pain when there is no hope. Not carrying out euthanasia can be agonising for the patient and incredibly upsetting for friends and family to watch their loved one die a slow and painful death. ...read more.


While they recognise that euthanasia ends suffering, they still regard it as killing someone and unsurprisingly, they do no want to support something that contradicts the Ten Commandments. Christians regard life as sacred and because only God can give life, only God has the authority to take it. Most Christians do not think euthanasia is right thing to do, because nearly all denominations of Christianity do not support it. The Roman Catholic Church absolutely condemns it and in 1975 The Church of England produced a report "On Dying Well" which opposed euthanasia. The Methodist Church does not promote euthanasia either, but it is debatable as to whether Christians should follow the beliefs of their church. Euthanasia was not an issue at the time of Jesus so consequently he did not teach about it. Different denominational beliefs about euthanasia have arisen from the leaders and is therefore very much a matter of opinion-as the Bible does not refer to it Christianity as a whole cannot say whether it is religiously wrong or right. ...read more.


In my opinion euthanasia should be allowed. I think it is immoral to keep someone alive against their will and to prolong their suffering. We have no right to decide what to do with other peoples' lives-it is up to the individual and we have to respect their wishes. However, after considering the arguments for and against, euthanasia should not go ahead without strict official procedures. If in a hospital someone requests to die an official governing body including the patient's doctor especially designed to deal with such cases should decide whether the patient should die or not. They should take into account the patient's condition and the wishes of the family. For euthanasia to go ahead there must be a majority vote and obviously this procedure should carried out as quickly as possible. This seems like a big fuss over letting someone die, but it ensures that is what the patient wants and it also does not let the doctors decide on his or her own which ensures that do not have too much power over their patients. ...read more.

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