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Euthanasia can never be justified

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c) Euthanasia can never be justified. Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. I totally agree with this statement. Euthanasia can never be justified for many reasons. Human life is a gift from God, we should value it greatly, not destroy it. I agree with the Christian belief that our lives are sacred and are set apart form other lives, we are created in the image of God. God makes each person individually and deliberately so that each one has a value in life. Christians also believe that these individuals are useful members of society at whatever age, so people are wrong when they say " the elderly deserve to die, they have lived their life" or "the newborn haven't lived yet, what difference would killing them make?". Patients who are old or sick, and who are near the end of earthly life have the same value as any other human being and the same applies to the people who have mental or physical handicaps. The Christian belief in the sanctity of life is one which puts most Christians totally against euthanasia. The sanctity of life is the belief of the fact that human life is sacred and God given. ...read more.


Most other religions would say similar such as: "We should relieve suffering when we can, and be with those who suffer, helping them to bear their suffering, when we can't. We should never deal with the problem of suffering by eliminating those who suffer." Jews do not interpret the fifth commandment, "Thou shalt not kill," as referring to suicide or euthanasia. But, in Judaism, the preservation of human life is valued above almost all else. In Jewish law, nearly every other consideration is put second to saving a life. Both fasting and circumcision, for example, are to be postponed if the practice might endanger the individual's health. The premature ending of a person's life is indisputably rejected in modern Judaism. Although, the teachings of Rabbi Moses Isserles are sometimes used to argue that people should not be kept on life-support machines if there is no real chance of them recovering: "If there is anything which causes a hindrance to the departure of the soul...then it is permissible to remove it." Muslims are unquestionably against euthanasia, Allah created life and everything belongs to him. To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He pleases. Surah 42:49 Muslims also believe that life is sacred and should not be destroyed. ...read more.


Society in general will be in dispute over the subject as many people will oppose this decision as they might feel it's against religion or just against their morals. Even in countries where euthanasia is legal, it isn't a dignified or comfortable death at all. Maxine Coombes decided that she couldn't cope to live with the pain of her motor neurone disease any longer and she was drawn to the idea of an assisted suicide in Switzerland where she thought that she would meet a peaceful end surrounded by music, candles, flowers and compassionate staff. But when she paid the 10, 000 pounds Sterling and booked herself into the Dignitas Clinic and arrived at Zurich, her son claims that her end was far from dignified. He said that the flat where his mother died looked more like a "backstreet abortion place" with graffiti in the walls. The lethal dose of Barbiturates that Maxine Coombes took to die was meant to keep her conscious for another 45 minutes but her son said it killed her in seconds. This proves that even in the places where euthanasia is allowed it's not as dignified as, for example, dying in a hospice. In a hospice you are in pleasant surroundings with doctors and compassionate nurses. The debate about euthanasia is an ongoing one. There will always be those against it and there will always be those pleading for it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dina Zaher L5G ...read more.

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