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Euthanasia - Diary Entries.

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EUTHANASIA: DIARY ENTRIES Week 1 Day 1 Dear Diary, It's been a few weeks now, five weeks I would imagine. I suppose I'm just one of those unlucky people that get this disease. I think it is called motor neurone disease but I can't quite remember along with many other things. Sometimes I worry what is ahead of me. I have been in this same room for quite a while and it does seem quite boring and miserable and the bed seems to be the place I will live the rest of my life. Looking out of the window I could see sun shining brightly over the basketball courts and the playing fields. Lately I been finding it very difficult to use my legs so I've decided to retire to a wheelchair permanently for my own safety as I can barely walk at least a metre. Luckily enough I can still use my arms and neck. Sometimes I think I am going mad. Is it all a dream? Although I wish it were, sadly it is not. Week 1 Day 2 Dear Diary, Today I went to the hospital library, one of the few places I can still go. I read some books on athletics whilst in the library. I found the books quite entertaining as I scanned the pictures remembering the time when I was one of those people, taking in the glory of winning sporting events and taking part. Looking around the library I could see other people present. You could see some people using reading machines and others being assisted by medical staff. The staff was doing things that seemed to be very difficult for the patients. All of a sudden I felt lucky but I then got a very sick feeling in my stomach. Would that be me in a few months time? After a while I didn't see the point of reading about something I can no longer do. ...read more.


Looking around the room I saw five old men sitting in a corner in orange and red armchairs. There were no windows on the walls giving no natural light and the only light was one strip light on the white ceiling. Week 2 Day 10 Dear Diary, As I said I shall be going to the new drawing room for some peace and quiet. You would think that my hospital room was quiet but it isn't at all, you can hear the nurses, the patients, the computers, everything just does your head in. The drawing room would be a break from all the hustle and bustle. When I went into the drawing room I saw a paradise. There were no people in there and the atmosphere was bright and airy. This room had been built next to the outside wall of the building so there were many windows and the sun's rays were pouring in through the windows. There were several tables in the room surrounded by luxurious chairs. This place looks like a nice place to write my diary in from now on. I sat and thought for a while and many questions went through my head. What if I die and there will be a cure? What if my case does not win the right to die and I have to die painfully? What if my family doesn't agree with me? Many questions went through my head but I came to a decision. I'll try and win the right to die peacefully. What have I got to lose? Week 2 Day 11 Dear Diary, Today I will write a letter to my lawyer to ask for help on arranging this court case with a judge. I think that it is the only official way for me to win the right to carry out voluntary euthanasia. Before writing a letter I phoned his company and was told he was unavailable. ...read more.


Mr. Woodman went first and explained why we are here and what I want to do. The judge was just sitting there listening to everything. He seemed to be concentrating on every word said and seemed to be emotionally touched by the words. I then explained my situation to the solemn judge but I asked someone else to say it because my throat was extremely dry and sore and I couldn't bear to speak. I was becoming tearful as well because I felt I would lose the case. The judge seemed to be amazed at what I said and he sat silently for a while. He made two phone calls in the next room and came back looking reassured. He then sat talking to the man next to him silently and then picked up the hammer and bashed the table. Then I heard those words 'Voluntary euthanasia has been granted to Richard Kennish and shall take place on his own will'. My wish had been granted I was going to die how I wanted, peacefully. Week 3 Day 20 Dear Diary, Today I feel very proud of myself. I shall die peacefully and I shall die tomorrow, as I wanted to. The doctors have told me that they will inject me with the killing drug and also add a painkilling drug to the mixture to remove all the added pain. I don't feel like writing to you anymore as my hand is absolutely throbbing. I suppose this is goodbye. One day maybe someone will read my diary and find out about me. This will be the last time I will write in you or anything else. If anyone finds this diary, I would be very grateful they would take it to my family. Goodbye. Week 3 Day 21 Richard Kennish passed away this morning at 7:47. His death was very peaceful and he did not suffer any pain. His death was a result of winning his case for voluntary euthanasia and he died without the pain of motor neurone disease. Ryan McDonnell 9A1 9CTJ ...read more.

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