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Euthanasia in the catholic church.

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EUTHANASIA IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction Page 3 2.0 Findings 2.1 Reasons for Euthanasia Page 4 2.2 Reasons against Euthanasia Page 5 3.0 Position of the Catholic Church Page 6 4.0 Conclusion Page 7 1.0 INTRODUCTION Euthanasia, or sometimes referred to as mercy killing comes form the Greek words eu (well) and thanatos (death), meaning easy, painless death. It is the practice of painlessly putting someone to death, who has incurable, distressing, painful diseases or handicaps. The opinions on this act are very mixed, and have caused a great uproar not only in the Catholic Church but many religious groups. Even though Euthanasia is illegal in nearly all countries, the practice is still carried out in most. There are reasons for and against this issue for example, some think it is suicide or murder and therefore immoral. On the other hand others believe that it is better for the human not to suffer anymore. 2.0 FINDINGS 2.1 Reasons for the issue 2.1.1 First reason One of the reasons for supporting euthanasia is so that the person, who is suffering, has a right to decide what they would like to do with the time they have left. ...read more.


So If Euthanasia is an option it would painlessly put them to death. Even though u would miss them, you could know they aren't in pain anymore. 2.2 Reasons against the issue 2.2.1 First reason Many religious groups including the Catholics are strongly against Euthanasia but so are, many ordinary people. Mainly because it involves taking a human life. It gives someone a doctor or family member the power to destroy a human life. It is murder and suicide all in one. How can that be a good thing for anyone? 2.2.2 Second reason Everyone has the right to make their own decisions about life and death, but what if the victim feels pressured into Euthanasia. That is murder also. The doctor might be to strong about the topic of Dying and death and might pressure the patient into feeling like they should end there life. 2.2.3 Third reason Another reason that might is arise is that Euthanasia is preformed on patients that are in numerous amounts of pain and terminal illnesses. But what is a patient in a lot of pain is possible of a cure, is they don't know when the pain will stop and that just put them to death. ...read more.


The act of committing suicide or of asking that God kill them are simply reported in a factual manner. The authors do not interpret these acts as sinful. They seem to be regarded simply as straightforward personal decisions. However, the Christian church has traditionally deviated from the biblical message and has considered suicide to be a great moral sin. Some priests have even refused to bury people who have committed suicide. Finally a quote from the Catholic Church... "The concept that death will bring an end to suffering is wrong. Earthly suffering and pain may be, but death will also bring man to the judgment seat of God. There is going to be more unimaginable pain and suffering in eternal hell or eternal joy with God. For those who choose to end their lives by euthanasia, let them think about this." 4.0 CONCLUSION Euthanasia is self murder by another name. Those who assist a person to end their life are an accessory to that murder or murderers themselves. There is no dignity in dying as an escape from pain and suffering. For a Christian, there is dignity in dying though in pain, showing faith in God and looking forward to the peace with God. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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