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Euthanasia is the act of painlessly ending a person's life, before they are naturally ready to die. Euthanasia is not new in fact it has been used throughout history.

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Euthanasia Coursework. Euthanasia is the act of painlessly ending a person's life, before they are naturally ready to die. Euthanasia is not new in fact it has been used throughout history. There are several types of euthanasia - ? Voluntary Euthanasia. This is used when a dying person has asked for it to happen. ? Involuntary Euthanasia. When euthanasia is used without the person knowing. E.g. if the person is in a coma. ? Compulsive Euthanasia. When euthanasia has to be performed because the person has a certain illness or has reached a certain age. ...read more.


-Active involuntary euthanasia. Christian views on Euthanasia are based on the beliefs of the SANNTITY OF LIFE. Which comes from teaching that all people are made from the image of God. Christians try to protect people who feel they may be a burden to other people and feel they must speed up their own death. Hospices. These are preferred as alternatives to Euthanasia, these are residential homes for people who have terminally ill diseases, e.g. cancer or some kind of growing deficiency. The founder of the first hospice was Dame Nicely Saunders. ...read more.


'Euthanasia can never be justified.' I do not agree with this statement. I think in certain circumstances it is better to end a life that is in pain and suffering than to prolong it. Although I do understand why some people disagree with euthanasia because the people that perform it could end up going to prison, and that the people that are not going to recover are taking up valuable bed space in hospitals. I think that going through this must be very distressing for the families and close friends. Euthanasia Coursework By Katie Hopkinson 11C1 ...read more.

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