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Euthanasia- Right or Wrong?

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Euthanasia- Right or Wrong? By Chris Appleyard People have an interest in making important decisions about their lives in accordance with their own conception of how they want their lives to go. In exercising autonomy or self-determination people take responsibility for their lives and, since dying is a part of life, choices about the manner of their dying and the timing of their death are, for many people, part of what is involved in taking responsibility for their lives. If voluntary euthanasia is to be legally permitted it must be against a backdrop of respect for professional autonomy. Some of the counter-arguments are concerned only with whether the moral case warrants making the practice of voluntary euthanasia legal, others are concerned with trying to undermine the moral case itself. The word "euthanasia" literally means "good death" or "easy death". Euthanasia is the act of killing, for reasons of mercy, persons that are hopelessly sick or handicapped or injured. Consequently euthanasia is more commonly known as "mercy killing". ...read more.


In these cases it is often family members who make the request. It is important not to confuse non-voluntary mercy killing with involuntary mercy killing. The latter would be done against the wishes of the patient and would clearly count as murder. Some people think that Euthanasia is un-ethical and it goes against the teaching of all religions. Euthanasia is in most countries, treated as either murder or suicide. Murder would be when a doctor, for example, overdoses the patient at their request. This leads to the intentional death of the patient caused by the doctor, and is against the law. Euthanasia is treated as suicide when the person in question terminates their own life, by this we mean that the person in question carries out the termination of their own life, by, for example, an overdose. When a person wishes to carry out Euthanasia when they have a terminal illness, the arguement is that even if they have a small amount of time to live, a cure may be found. ...read more.


This is then were the person uses euthanasia to relieve the pressures on others, not necessarily to put themselves out of their misery or pain. The second argument is that a person may be in un-bearable pain or have a disease, which cannot be cured. People then opt for Euthanasia as they have no other choice, if they are in un-bearable pain they will be drugged most of the time and their remaining time on earth will be a haze, and people with an in-curable disease become depress and opt for Euthanasia or feel they are just taking up space. In these circumstances I believe euthanasia is right, as personally I think people should be able to have the right to die, if they are in so much pain, that the cant go on. It would be silly to prolong death in these cases, so even though God can give and take life, I agree with the statement that euthanasia is right in some circumstances even though most arguments are against it, including the scriptures. ...read more.

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