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Euthanasia - Right or Wrong?

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Euthanasia By Luke Warner Euthanasia is one of the most heated debates in society today. Many people oppose assisted-suicide, however numerous groups agree with it. So what is Euthanasia? What are the different views on it? Is it morally correct? Where is Euthanasia legalised? This essay will examine the different opinions, of the matter. Euthanasia is the humane killing of a living being. It can be done in many ways. Simply unplugging a life-support machine or by using an overdose of a certain drug, can both end one's life painlessly. Euthanasia is not only used on humans - animals and pets can also be put out of their misery if they are suffering. For example, if an animal is in a serious condition, then it may be granted the right to being "Put down". Animals are "put to sleep" by a vet, often by using an overdose of a drug. The methods used on animals are painless and not traumatic, to cause a peaceful, not painful death. They are also quick, so the drug is injected into the bloodstream. ...read more.


But should euthanasia be legalised? There is much discussion over that topic. Euthanasia is only legal in some countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Holland and some states in America. However, there is still a large fight to legalise euthanasia in other parts of the world. Assisted suicide is often attempted after a patient requests it. However, in some cases the person may be unable to talk, due to a degenerative disease, a coma or a vegetative state. There are many views on euthanasia, many of which are due to religion. Almost all religions are against euthanasia, because of their moral codes. Judaism is firmly against euthanasia, due to their belief that all life is sacred, and one should never do anything to shorten it. Religions like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Sikhism all believe that euthanasia is bad, but they also have other views. Many of them believe that due to the increased physical damage, one can be mental damaged. So euthanasia is a good way to release them from their pain. However, they also think that involuntary euthanasia (euthanasia without a request) is also killing someone. Hindus believe that by performing euthanasia, the doctor and the patient's Karma will be damaged. ...read more.


However, the groups for euthanasia believe that a relative, or someone who knew the patient well, should make the decision, depending on what the person would want if they were capable of making a decision. If the person has already written a will stating that they would not like to be put on life support, then they may be granted the "Right to Die". In countries where euthanasia is illegal, some Doctors have assisted their patient's suicide, and have been arrested. Some terminally ill patients have gone to Swiss suicide clinics. The debate on whether euthanasia is the correct thing to do, still continues, and will carry on for a long time. This moving subject can be a very mentally demanding job for a doctor. Whether or not to let someone die, is sometimes a very difficult dilemma. The decision that all life is sacred, and whether someone has the right to make the choice about death, is something that is different to everyone. There are some good points about euthanasia, and also some bad. So it is not really up to one person to say if it is good or bad. If you were terminally ill, then the choice should be up to you... By Luke Warner ...read more.

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