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Euthanasia - views for and against.

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´╗┐There are many differing views on the subject on euthanasia. Some are in support of it, some are opposed to it and others remain unsure. Those in favour of euthanasia have various principles found supporting their views. Firstly euthanasia may be favoured because it gives control back to the patient. If euthanasia is an option, a patient has control over when and how they die. It also means that a terminal patient does not have to suffer unnecessarily and prolong the inevitable. Surveys have found that more than half of medical practitioners in Britain are in support of euthanasia. Many claim that if a patient has no quality of life and plainly expresses themselves or via the next of kin that they would like euthanasia it should be on offer to them - everyone has the right to die. As well as medical practitioners, members of the public are found in support as well. ...read more.


Many Christians believe that a hospice should be used instead of euthanasia as it will look after a person who is terminally ill, relieve their pain and provide the opportunity to discuss any fears that the patient or family may have. It is viewed as a better alternative to euthanasia as it will help provide support and help you to make the most of the time and quality of life you have left whilst allowing you to eventually die naturally which is seen as the way God meant it to be. Dame Cicely Saunders is a Christian doctor and says that she is against euthanasia for a positive reason. She says that people achieve a lot in the ending of their lives and for that reason a hospice is a better alternative to euthanasia. There are some Christians in favour of euthanasia however and they believe that people have been given free will by God and they should be able to use that free will to end their own lives. ...read more.


If it were to be brought in, the law should clearly state that it should only be used as a last resort after all other methods have been eliminated. It should also state that it should only be used after the request of the patient (or if not possible, the next of kin) has been heard multiple times. Lastly, it should state that at least 2 doctors well informed of the case have to support the decision. Euthanasia should not take place with only the doctor?s permission or the patients, both are required. If euthanasia were to be legalized in Britain, these rules should be very clearly stated to avoid unnecessary and unwanted deaths as well as preventing corruption or misconduct from medical practitioners. Overall I think that freewill and quality of life should outweigh any other issues such as the sanctity of life or their being purpose to suffering. We have freewill for a reason and we should be allowed to use this as we so chose so long as it doesn?t cause evil to others and so long as we are prepared to face the consequences of our actions. ...read more.

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