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"Every-one is Equal and Must be Treated in Exactly the Same Way"

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Section C "Every-one is Equal and Must be Treated in Exactly the Same Way" Equal means to have the same amount of something, matching results or the same rights. In this question, I think it is saying that every-one is made in the exact same way, so must be treated the same. I don't think this is necessarily true, as although every-one has the same rights, people and their qualities are different. Every-one has the right to education, yet not every-one has a right to become a doctor. You would feel very uneasy if a person who failed chemistry was telling you what medication is suitable for you. Yet every-one should have the opportunity to become a doctor. ...read more.


They train daily for hours. Yet if I were to train daily for twice the amount of time as they did, I could garuntee I would still never be as talented as them. So I feel that every-one should be given a chance to play football, but this is not essentially a right to play professionally. Places where I think every-one should be treated equally are schools. Ever-one has the right to learn, whether or not the are intelligent or slightly slow. Every-one should be treated equally and should be given the chance to the same opportunities. This is why uniforms are used in most schools in the United Kingdom as pupils are seen as equal to eachother. ...read more.


Sexism is like racism, but instead it is about gender. If a lady is turned down from a job, yet a man with lower grades than her gets it, this may be seen as sexist. Not all Christians believe that every-one is equal. In churches woman are not aloud to do certain jobs, as this is against the bible. The church encourages sexism in Deuteronomy as it tells of how a man can rape a woman, and then marry her. It also says a man can divorce his wife, yet she can't divorce him, not even in the case of adultery!!! Yet in galations 3.28 it says "Jews are equal to gentiles as man is to women". This discourages sexism. Despite this the catholic church accepts olnl men as candidates for preisthood because Jesus' disciples were all men and that has been a tradition. ...read more.

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