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Evil and Suffering

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Explain how the existence of evil and suffering may lead to deny God's existence. According to the beliefs of Christians, God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent. However, in life we encounter numerous examples of evil, moral or natural, which lead many to rethink God's true nature and His very existence. If, for example someone were to look at the Asian Tsunami which killed millions of innocent people, and ask why a God who is all of the things He is claimed to be, did not the tragedy, there is already an apparent question of God's existence and of His nature. If God were all-powerful, He would have the means and the strength to stop the Tsunami, but he didn't. ...read more.


With so many believing that these four things are the true nature of God and yet He did not help, it is far more likely that He doesn't exist at all rather than that He chose to ignore the suffering. Natural evil is not the only type of suffering that occurs on a frequent basis. Moral evil is also a problem that is hard to explain when using current theories about God. A recent murder occurred where a young woman was stabbed and killed by a male 'friend' of hers when she refused to start a relationship with him. She was an innocent and did not deserve to be murdered and so again God's existence and nature must be questioned. ...read more.


Some may disagree and argue that God saves many people, even though many people die as well and that He must do this to keep balance on Earth. Another argument is that 'God works in mysterious ways', but is it not too mysterious for God to ignore cries of help from innocents who need Him? All the arguments for God's existence cannot cancel out the fact that evil and suffering are part of our daily routine and they do really exist. If God was real He would surely stop it all from happening. It is from this that many Atheists support their arguments, for is it not true that an all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing and ever-present being would stop all the death and suffering of His people? And so because this does not happen, God can not exist. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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