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Evolution - RS

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A Christian cannot believe the creation story and theory of evolution. Do You Agree? Somebody may believe to be a Christian and an evolutionist, but this position is biblically and scientifically flawed. Jesus taught a literal view of Genesis, all the way through the Gospels He justified His doings by making reference to a literal Old Testament. Unbelievers get stumped on a simple question: "who came first 'the chicken or the egg'?" because of their evolutionary beliefs they just do not know, but for believers it is simple and can answer: "the chicken", for God created Adam and Eve and all the animals as fully-grown up. They just did not evolve over million of years. Eve was extracted from Adam and God presented her to Adam as his wife. ...read more.


In the first 3 chapters of Genesis Good spells out what sin is. The Lord gave everything freely to Adam, but put him under a test of obedience, effectively telling Adam that He had power over his life, a thing the evolutionist hate most heatedly, that is why they deny these 3 chapters. Adam did fail to obey and died spiritually as warned, but God in His Grace promised a Saviour that would pay for Adam and for his sins, as elected by God, the man Jesus Christ. The Evolutionists would say: "we do not believe in the first 3 chapters of Genesis and therefore we do not need a Saviour for in our eyes we are not sinners." ...read more.


(Gen 2:7) A human being IS an eternal soul. This life is the beginning, not the end. Heaven, Hell, an Eternal relationship with God, are all fundamentals of our faith based upon this truth, and taught by Christ. The Bible at no point gives so much as a hint, that this is also true of animals. Human beings, from the beginning, are presented as being quite distinct and different from anything else For the Christian, surely this makes belief in man evolving from an animal, impossible. In today's Christianity many are disregarding passages and changing the Bible as they wish. The problem with that is that different people disregard different parts of Scripture and then we end up in a situation that nobody knows what is reliable and what is not. The whole package must be accepted as true, the way it is, as the breathed Word of God. ...read more.

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