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Examine the views of one religious belief on business ethics

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Charley McCarthy Examine the views of one religious belief on business ethics (20 marks) Christianity contains an extensive collection of teachings, primarily those contained in the New Testament, which deals with the ethical side of running a business. Within businesses, companies usually have a main aim of making as large a profit as possible, and can sometimes use ways of doing so that could be considered as being immoral, for example employing child labour, damaging the environment or using blackmail and bribery. Within businesses there are many people involved, such as the employees, the stakeholders, the shareholders and the directors. Between these people, many conflicts can occur, and everybody cannot be made happy, e.g. if employees were given higher wages, the company manager would make less profit. Business ethics are partly created to limit such conflicts of interest whilst promoting harmonization (Henry Sidgwick). Of course, the manager of a business does not want to make too much sacrifice, but also often does not wish to be unethical, in which case in may be possible the come up with a third midway or alternative option. ...read more.


Therefore, businesses should be concerned with more than just profits. It is thought businesses should have a 'social conscious' and therefore help the poor, 'you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand from your needy brother. But you shall surely open your hand to him....' Therefore many Christians think it only right to set aside a portion of the profits made to give to the poor. Help should also be given in the form of given financing and grants to less fortunate institutes such as under financed schools, and offering internships to less fortunate people who cannot find employment. Another example was the 1984 disaster of Bhopal, where a plant leaked methyl isocyanate gas. This is thought to have killed 3,800 people, caused 40 permanent disability, and 2,800 other partial disability and is still causing harm today. The area of the disaster has never been properly cleared up, and until it is, the harm caused to the people living in that area cannot stop. ...read more.


It is made clear that by God that 'the land is Mine; for you are sojourners and residents with Me.' Implying we have an obligation to respect the land. Also when running a business, it is a Christian's aim to avoid discrimination of any minority groups regardless for example of ethnicity, age or gender. As the bible states, strangers should be treated the same as a friend, 'shall strengthen him, whether he is a stranger or a native, so that he can live with you.' (Leviticus 23:35) so nobody should be unfairly discriminated against. Employees should also be treated fairly, as the Bible states, 'You shall not rule over him through rigorous labour' so ethical guidelines should be put into place to protect employees, for example from exploitation. In line with this, Christians would not agree with moving a company over seas so that labour is cheaper, for example using children or having no safety measures in place, because employees should be respected and protected and not taken advantage of or treated unfairly. ...read more.

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