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Explain Christian attitudes, and attitudes of one other religion, to these treatments.

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Explain Christian attitudes, and attitudes of one other religion, to these treatments The issue of infertility treatments is complex one that causes great controversy amongst believers of Christianity and Judaism. Some Christians believe that fertility treatments are acceptable, some believe it is wrong and others believe certain treatments are acceptable. My work is going to consider the views of both sides of Christians and the Jewish view. Roman Catholics and some evangelical Christians strongly disagree on fertility treatments. They believe that all forms of embryo technology are wrong because fertility treatments threaten the sacredness of life and god created sex for procreation in which sex acts are natural. They feel that life is given by god and no one has a right to children. ...read more.


Treatments such as AID are committing mechanical adultery because this involves the mans sperm entering another women's body, which is seen as having sex with another women, other then his spouse. All forms fertility treatments involve fertilisation taking place part from the sex act. Catholics believe that god intended procreation to be part of sex act. Other Christians believe In Vitro Fertilisation and AIH are acceptable. They allow these methods because they believe it is good to use technology to provide couples with the joy of children, when they are unable to create babies themselves. The Methodist church teaches that: 'The division of the Methodist church responsible for advising the church on medical ethics has accepted for the time being that scientific judgement that remedies for human infertility'. ...read more.


Jews believe this because it is extremely important in the Jewish faith and for preservation of Judaism to have children. God intends humans to use benefits of technology as long as it is seen as it is within the mitzvot and also rabbis are very supportive to couples who are having fertility problems. Although IVF and AIH are acceptable for Jews they would not allow AID because it is seen as a form of adultery and so it is not allowed, and children have the right to know who their biological parents are. Surrogacy is not allowed as it is felt that who ever gives birth is the mother and the mother passes on Jewish ness. Hasina 11SD 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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