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Explain how a Christian might respond to someone who was thinking of committing suicide

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Explain how believing that Vedas and Upanishads are holy books might affect the lives of Hindus. Firstly, the Veda scriptures teach Hindus how to act and behave. They teach people how to behave in each of their ashrams. Many mantras from these texts are used in modern Hindu worship and ritual. Some verses, such as the Gayatri verse, are widely recited in daily worship. Hymns describing God Vishnu and Purusha , Cosmic Man, are recited during the performance of a puja. Verses from the first two Vedas are used as mantras in the sacred thread and marriage ceremonies. ...read more.


For example, the Vedas teach Hindus how to act and behave so therefore Hindus do not steal from or insult other people as they have been taught not to. The Vedas are called shruti because they are not believed to be of human origin but instead to have been revealed by Brahma the creator God to inspire the ancient seers. The word Veda means 'to know' and although they are of very ancient origin, they contain a wealth of knowledge about art, medicine, mathematics, science, and philosophy. ...read more.


They are the main source for the study of Hindu philosophy and teaching about reward and punishment, evil and suffering, God and salvation. Hindus would be affected if they believed that the Upanishads were Holy Scriptures because, like the Veda scriptures, they would follow the saying and teachings in the scriptures. They educate Hindus about moksha, the universe, Brahman, and the insight into the self of man. For example, if Hindus read the teachings about moksha then they might act accordingly to gain good karma and to attain moksha. Cosmological arguments A name given to a group of arguments for God's existence advanced by several good thinkers. ...read more.

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