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Explain how a follower of Natural Law might respond to issues raised by abortion.

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Explain how a follower of Natural Law might respond to issues raised by abortion. Natural law is an ethical theory which helps us in understanding which human actions are morally right or wrong through the aid of human reason alone. To many other ethical theories, natural law is our knowable human nature, For example, on what is really good or bad for us as human beings, individuals and as members of our human society. Abortion is one conflict that can be applied to Natural Law as there are many points to be made about human nature, and what is right for the mother. Natural Law also states that it is not morally right to take life, which is exactly what abortion is. Abortion can be permitted basically on demand, certainly in cases where the health and life of the woman are at risk, and even in cases of incest or rape. ...read more.


is precious and must be respected, is pregnant with an unborn child, who is also an innocent human being and whose life is also precious and must be respected. Since, as natural law theory puts forward, one may never directly intend to kill an innocent human being, under what circumstances and conditions is it morally right for a woman to have an abortion procedure or for a doctor to help one of these innocents by ending the life of the child. In natural law there are three parts which determine whether something is right or not. Firstly the act itself which in this case is having an innocent child aborted and killed by someone elses choice, which is either good, evil, or neutral. Secondly, the motive or intention which is what the person wants to achieve by the act which in abortion can be either to save the mother or just stop them having to have a child which may be handicaped etc. ...read more.


This can be easily done after the birth and they will never have to be in contact with the child again and yet the child has a chance to live. Secondly, the child may lead a perfectly happy life as the abnormal child will live with that abnormality all their life therefore it will become normal for them. There is also no proof that in the future that abnormality could not be fixed. And thirdly the moral answer would be that it is never the best option to abort the child as it is not our choice. Life is sacred and therefore the foetus has a right to live, no matter what the abnormality is. It could also be argued that the foetus has gone past the embryo stage therefore has a soul and by aborting the baby we would be destroying the soul. If it was possible to be aborted earlier this may have not been wrong. ...read more.

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