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Explain how a particular belief in an afterlife may affect the way in which a Christian lives their lives.

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Explain how a particular belief in an afterlife may affect the way in which a Christian lives their lives. Most Christian believe that When their time comes and they die on this earth, they are taken in front of God on the day of judgement and then God sorts all the evil from all the good in the world. So what would you have to do to be inside God's Good books? Most Christians look at the Bible and try to follow its teachings and beliefs. Most people think that so many pages of the bible and cannot be bothered to read it therefore they do not understand the bible and live their lives in a ...read more.


But if you really think about it you do half of the things already in your normal day lives, e.g. thou shall not murder. I'm sure not everyone will murder someone. If like most people in this earth today, believe that when you die that that is it, and nothing else will happen and that's your time on this earth and its all over. The majority of these people will seem to get the idea that if you only get one life you may as well try everything that there is to do on this earth, and unfortunately this includes drugs, etc... ...read more.


You would have gained or lost nothing. So if overall you weigh up the options, it does seem that if you do believe in God, etc... it will be a lot more sense to do so because there is a chance that you may be right, and therefore you would have gained something. And it doesn't exactly cost anything or take up much of your life to be a full committed Christian. So I believe that it is a good thing to do so because it also helps you keep your sense in life and gives you something to believe in if your felling down. ...read more.

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