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Explain how a study of Tradition and Mark's gospel might influence a Christians Attitude and Behaviour on the Sabbath.

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A02- Explain how a study of Tradition and Mark's gospel might influence a Christians Attitude and Behaviour on the Sabbath Mark (2:27): The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath This is a microcosm of the attitude to which Jesus held regarding the Sabbath. The Sabbath concerns two events. They are the creation of the world and the Jews release from slavery. God gave the day to the Jews to hold as a day of rest in honour of him. What is under discussion here, is, how do we interpret this? The answer is unclear and indeed ambiguous. There are two extreme views already on the matter. Liberals believe that it is not essential to devote all that much time to Jesus, Fundamentalists believe that every little detail of the Sabbath law should be observed and carried out. ...read more.


He then said that the "Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath." This is, I think, key to understanding the aspect. Here we see Jesus rebelling against Jewish Laws and acting as if he were above them to some of the most powerful people around. He is ultimately risking his life for his beliefs, which are against tradition and law; this shows that we too should perhaps take them just as seriously. It could be argued that perhaps Jesus should have known better, being the prophet that he is, but on the same level, you could also say that his actions were to make a point. He is trying to express that these trivial laws shouldn't have to act as a burden upon us, that if they do so we would be better off without them. ...read more.


Jesus had a point here, one that the Pharisees could find no response to. They went silent and Jesus healed the man. This parable shows that every opportunity must be taken to please God by pleasing others. Christians can learn that Jesus put us on the Earth to have a good life and help others to do the same. If any law infringes this then it should be overlooked and not obeyed. Christians must learn that the Sabbath was made for them and these dim laws should not bear the authority to stop that. Christianity is about what comes from the heart. This is not to say that the Sabbath should not be worshipped at all, this is not the case. Christians should worship the Sabbath although they should not let it impede on their quality of life. Philip O' Hare ...read more.

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