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Explain how Catholics may respond to the question of abortion.

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Abortion AO2: Explain how Catholics may respond to the question of abortion In answering this question I intend to describe the catholic response to abortion. Catholics believe that abortion is wrong so I intend to describe how this opinion is formed and why Catholics feel so strongly about it. The Catholic Church believes that life begins at conception so therefore to have an abortion is another form of murder and in the Ten Commandments the bible states "thou shall not kill", In Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 5 God states "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as the prophet to the nations" this shows us that God has plans for us and that our lives and everything we do have already been assigned to us, and therefore having an abortion will interrupt Gods plans for us. ...read more.


of progress in view of a new world order" in saying this the pope means that abortion has seemed to have progressed because it has ended back street abortions but it is really legalising the injustice of the unborn. Although the Catholic Church completely disagrees with abortion there is a sort of loop hole which is if a woman is going to be severely harmed or she and the baby will die as a result of the pregnancy then the church sees it as ok to have an abortion. I completely agree with the churches views that life begins at conception because once the child in conceived then for nine months it grows in to a child and to me this is an act of a being that is alive. ...read more.


There have been cases when an abortion has been granted after 24 weeks where so called damage foetus has been really quite minor, such as a unborn child who had been diagnosed with clef pallet, this called outrage amongst the media and highlighted how the modern world now finds it almost socially acceptable for a child to be aborted. I think it is very sad that we know live in a society who because the law says that abortion is legal then people don't stop to think about the fact that almost every foetus aborted could have potentially gone on to have a fulfilling life. In conclusion I believe that God gave every being on this earth the sacred right to life and no one should have the power to take life away apart from God and therefore abortion is a way of trying to play god which in turn is also wrong. By Joe Hyland ...read more.

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