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Explain how Christian preparation for Christmas relates to the events described in the Gospel infancy narratives.

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Explain how Christian preparation for Christmas relates to the events described in the Gospel infancy narratives. Every Advent, the Gospel infancy narratives of Matthew and Luke recall the birth of Jesus. Christmas is a holy time because we have the opportunity to allow Jesus' past history to enter our every day life. Frequently, we find ourselves involved in this sacred story when we share family memories, traditions, sorrows, and hopes. An important feature for children, which is leading up to Christmas, is nativity plays at school. The stories are elaborated, and the story of the birth of Jesus is told, over and over again. Children are learning about Christ, as well as having so much fun. In a way, they are reliving the birth of the Lord, in their own way. The nativity is to remind us of the 'reason for the season' and to put 'Christ back in Christmas'. ...read more.


They knew that it would be a difficult time, because the time for Mary to give birth, would probably come while they were away from their home. The shepherds were preparing for the long night ahead, of protecting their sheep from the wolves. Wise men were preparing to watch the night sky, looking for stars. Animals were preparing to go to sleep in their barn, when Mary and Joseph came in, and laid their baby in one of their troughs. All of the above come from Luke and Matthews's gospels, when telling of Christ's birth. Nowadays, Christians are preparing for the same thing - the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Christian preparation for Christmas is something quite different to that of those who are totally taken in by preparing for a Christmas without Christ in their lives. It is 'God-centred', not 'me-centred'. If we are to think about ourselves at Christmas, it is only because of the thoughts surrounding our relationship we have with God. ...read more.


Its bright candles dominate the wreath, as the Light of World overcomes the darkness and warms a wintry world. The four candles are lit, one each week. Just as the star lead the men to the baby, these candles lead us to Christmas day. "Jesus, light of the world". Candles show us Jesus' presence. During the Christmas season, we sing carols, praising God for all he has given us, just as the shepherds had done at Christ's birth (Luke 2: 20). The shepherds were singing glories to God, and spreading the news of the Saviours coming, and we do the same. The angels also sang praises to God, as we do when we sing carols. We often use stars as decorations at Christmas time to remember the Star of Bethlehem, which led the wise men to the Christ Child, as told in Matthew. Many Christian preparations take place at this time of year, and while it is a wonderful thing, we must always be careful that the true meaning of Christmas, Christ's birth is never overshadowed. Hannah Voice: Paper 1 ...read more.

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