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Explain how Christian teaching about discipleship would affect the life a Christian today.

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Explain how Christian teaching about discipleship would affect the life a Christian today. At baptism we are called to become disciples of God and at confirmation this is reinforced as the individual decides, for him/herself, if they want to be a disciple or not. There are three main ways people respond to this calling. One-way of responding is to be a Layperson; these people witness Christ in a job. An example is voluntary workers for CAFOD or teaching children. Another way of responding is turning to priesthood. You could be a Deacon or a Bishop. Deacon's can marry, but are not allowed to say Mass. Both are committed to the Church. One last way is Religious. You can be a Contemplative or an Apostolic religious. Contemplative people are nuns who live a hidden life of prayer and devotion: an Apostolic religious works in the community. ...read more.


Their motto is, "We live simply, so others can simply live". This is a very unselfish way of living your own life. Also parents who may have children who are disabled or sick in some way, sacrifice their time to help their child to cope with their illness or disability. These people have to put themselves second in order to care for their child or close family member. They have to constantly make sure their child is coping well and is cared for. They sacrifice their whole life as they put themselves second, to the less able person, as they need more love, care and attention. An example of a famous Christian today is Helen Keller. At the age of nineteen months Helen fell ill with meningitis, but after overcoming predictions of death, she lived. ...read more.


People are there to help others with their disabilities to help them achieve things, which may b impossible without the help of the Helen Keller Nationalist Centre. All people who sacrifice something of theirs to help others in some way will receive rewards I believe. These people may get job satisfaction in some form or other. By feeling that they have helped someone to cope with a disability or with poverty will give them personal satisfaction, as well as job satisfaction when they see a child eat for the first time after months of starvation. By taking part in building a water pump you will feel good inside and make others happy by doing something good for others. So this teaching of discipleship can help Christians today to sacrifice more of their time in order to help others and make the world a more united, peaceful and equal place to live in. ...read more.

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