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Explain How Christian Teaching about Discipleship Would Affect The Life Of A Christian Today

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Explain How This Teaching about Discipleship Would Affect The Life Of A Christian Today? At the time when Mark was writing his Gospel the Christian community was being persecuted, and so, Mark makes it clear to us that a part of Christian discipleship is suffering. Although today we can interpret this so as not to make others suffer as Jesus did and to accept suffering as Jesus did too. Mark tells us that a Christian should live simply, "Don't take anything with you on your journey except a stick-no bread, no beggar's bag, no money in your pockets. Wear sandal, but do not carry an extra shirt." this is what Jesus said to his early followers but it is an example for us too. We live in a very materialistic world today and people often forget that everything we possess is not necessary, and if we followed Mark's example we would have less poverty because we would share more often. ...read more.


In this story Jesus explains that great healing can only come from prayer "Only prayer can drive this kind out," he then said, "Nothing else can." What I think we can learn from this is that without prayer we are nothing, and we can do nothing. In my opinion, a disciple would have a different outlook on life than others. A proper disciple, I think would not be as conscious of money than others. They sacrifice their lives, families, jobs and wealth to help others. They are not abscessed with the value of money, although they do, do what they can to raise funds for the poor and less fortunate. I would always consider a disciple a person who sacrifices his/her lives for others. I think this is important as if you are not fully committed to Jesus and his works there in no point. My image of a disciple would be classed as a stereotypical one, of a priest or nun yet I do understand that any person can be a disciple. ...read more.


Every year in Keady, Co. Armagh there is a big fund raising event held for Fr. Cunningham, everyone has great respect for him. I would consider him to be generous, of great faith and prayer and he has scarified his life for a good cause so I think he should be called a good disciple of Jesus. At this present time in the world there are threats of war and famine and if everyone practised the disciple shown in Mark's gospel the world be a better place. Israel and Palestine could use compromise and forgiveness to resolve their differences. In St.Mark's Gospel Jesus was against violence and in Mark 14:48-50, Jesus is cross at the high priests men coming to arrest him with clubs and swords. From this today we can learn that all forms of violence is wrong and weapons are not needed in the world today. And if we followed the relevant example set in Mark's Gospel we would live in a better world. ?? ?? ?? ?? Barry McClelland ...read more.

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