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Explain how Christians in the modern world might live their lives according to the teachings of the Kingdomof God. Use examples from personal research and your study of St. Mark's Gospel to support your answer.

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Task 2. Explain how Christians in the modern world might live their lives according to the teachings of the Kingdom of God. Use examples from personal research and your study of St. Mark's Gospel to support your answer. The teachings Jesus gave two thousand years ago are still used by modern day Christians in their everyday lives. Sometimes these Christians give up their lives in the service of God, living their lives according to the teachings about the Kingdom of God. In my opinion the best example of this is Mother Teresa, who sacrificed the best part of her life to help others. She became a Loreto Nun and trained in India while working in Calcutta as a teacher. Outside on the streets she saw many poor people in horrific living conditions and sacrificed everything else to make their lives better. She gave all her time and money to the poor and dying. She had also given up her possessions - which Jesus teaches the rich man to do in Mark Ch12. ...read more.


Barnardo. He had a good upbringing and was training to become a doctor in London, where he saw how some poor and homeless children lived. He was horrified and started schools and eventually a home caring for homeless children. Dr. Barnardo spread the word of God in his school, like a missionary who preaches, as instructed to in the Parable of The Sower. By caring for the poor children who had no-where to live he was caring for outcasts from society, like the Women with Haemorrhages. Dr. Barnardo put his life on hold, sacrificing it for others - loving his neighbour (an outcast) as himself, Jesus said this was the second most important commandment. He gave up all his time and possessions like Jesus instructed the rich man to do. Also Dr. Barnardo went into dept helping the children, but because he had so much faith he trusted God would provide for him and 'see him through' the bad times. He loved God and when he was given the opportunity to help the children for God he did. ...read more.


He didn't discriminate against outcasts and other people and he couldn't see why whites were being allowed to do it to him. For his funeral he told someone to say "I tried to love and serve Humanity". He had seen the Promised Land - equality, from earth showing the Kingdom of God is here now - and that all Christians should respond to it as he did. The three examples I have used show Christians whose response to the Kingdom of God was so sincere it spurred them on to do great things for humanity and in doing so they became famous. In their response they were not instantly rewarded and through their lives on earth suffered - Mother Teresa give up her life as a nun, Dr. Barnardo ended up in dept for a period of time and Martin Luther King was assassinated. Their rewards were not money or material possessions but, learning from their lives/work through Christianity, it would be to receive the riches in heaven - eternal life, promised as the greatest reward. Re Coursework. Mark Bewsher 10T 3 ...read more.

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