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Explain how Christians may respond to the question of abortion?

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b.) Explain how Christians may respond to the question of abortion? For most people abortion is a sensitive subject. Many women may, at some point throughout their lives, conceive an unwanted child. Abortion has been a point of debate for many decades and different denominations and different Christian groups will respond to this issue in different ways. Christianity as a whole base most of their beliefs on what is taught an preached in the bible. However different denominations of Christianity interpret teachings in different ways and that is why not all Christian groups agree on every question asked about abortion. For example the Roman Catholic branch of Christianity will respond to the question of abortion very strictly as they believe that it is murder to dispose of a potential human and developing child. Many people that belong to this faith have such strong feelings about the 'pro-life' campaign that they have resort to violence. ...read more.


The question of abortion has also made people go public about their beliefs through campaigns and protests. In Northern Ireland, where there are very strong pro-life beliefs, Christians and non-Christians united together in the 'death threat' billboard campaign. In this particular persuasion of pro-life 100 billboards were put up around Northern Ireland and the strong campaign lasted for 8 weeks. There have been many other Roman Catholic protests such as the 'vote for life' election campaign. Because abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland an incident occurred recently that helped many women to have the right o have an abortion. On June 14th 2001 a Dutch boat named 'the sea of change' landed in an Irish dock greeted by many grateful women. The aim of this boat was to take women who were denied abortions 12 miles off shore into international waters where it is legal. Roman Catholics would have greeted this with much disappointment and protest. ...read more.


This exposes the more open-minded response to the question of abortion that the Church of England takes. The Quaker societies also take an open-minded view towards abortion. There has been no official report published by this denomination because Quakers are vague about their definition of the soul and its individual importance. They have stayed out of the on going 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' campaigns. The Methodist response to the question of abortion is expressed in a report known as 'The Status of the Unborn Human.' This mostly deals with the question that is commonly asked when responding to the question of abortion: When does life begin? Unlike the RC church, who believe that the foetus becomes a human at the moment of conception, the Methodist church are vague as to when they believe the foetus is of importance. They permit abortion in extreme cases where the woman's health is in danger. The response to abortion is quite relaxed. All denominations of the church teach, believe and preach different things, which will in turn inspire different responses within the Christian community. ...read more.

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